Industrial Strength Immunity Boosters

Sure beats a hope and a prayer in our fight against the Coronavirus

These days we’re all hunkered down and going stir crazy in our homes. We venture out to Walmart and Costco only when stocks are dwindling in our pantry at home. We literally hold our breath when anyone comes near us. Not all of us are old, and we’re not all smokers, and we’re sure not respiratory system compromised. And yet, we’ve lost our mojo. We’ve lost our confidence in our own ability to stand up to a lousy sneeze. Some of us are fraidy cat for a good reason, some of us are just prudent, but who among us is totally confident they can fight off this virus if it visits itself on us? Yeah, we’re all pretty worried.


Here are two different immune boosters, one an inexpensive couple week fix, the other, a more permanent fix for your immune system, yet more expensive. Seems like when trying to fight something like the Corona virus, you get what you pay for.

Let’s start with the cut rate but short-term method of keeping you safe and healthy:

Get an infusion of known immune boosters. You get proven immune boosters like vitamin C and D, zinc, and more good stuff pumped into your arm. The reason you want to get it by an infusion is it’s dripped into your veins. If you took this by way of vitamin pills, your system would go on overload and you would pee most of it out, going to waste. But by getting it into yourself intravenously, it sneaks by your digestive system, you can’t pee it out, and mega doses of immunity boosters that could help you fight off the Covid -19 virus are now sleeping inside of you, ready to spring into action when or if someone infected sneezes on you.

This costs $140, takes a little less than an hour, and will keep you safe for a couple of weeks, maybe a month.

If you want something more permanent along with other rewards and you are willing to pay the freight get exosomes, also by way of an infusion into your arm.  Exosomes are harvested from the membranes of stem cells, (we’ve all heard of stem cells, haven’t we?) Exosomes can give you an antiaging effect, facial rejuvenation, you get that bald head of hair repaired, you get back into the ball game sexually, you fix your diabetes, and/or you repair a whole bunch of other bad stuff you don’t want rattling around in your body. Exosomes are stem cells on steroids, because they’re the next generations of stem cells. While the United States is dithering on stem cells, Mexico is on to the second generation.

This ace reporter got stem cells infused into her arm two years ago and it caused a very bad case of inflammatory arthritis to completely disappear. Poof! I didn’t even see it go. I looked down at my hands about three months later and realized the pain in my deformed hands had vanished! My hands are still deformed, that is permanent damage, but so what, the pain is gone, and I can twist off a screw top of Michelob Ultra and hold a golf club. That may not sound like a life changing event, but it is, because chronic inflammation has been linked to certain diseases such as heart disease or stroke, and may also lead to autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. 

An infusion of exosomes can cost more than $5000 U.S. You decide what your health is worth. I’m not rich but turning those beasties lose in me was worth every dime.

For a telephone consultation, or to make your reservation, call 624 688 8497 or go to The facility is a beautiful big building on the fourlane between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. They also have a spa with all the offerings of a traditional spa.

These past two weeks I got two immunity boosters for a total of $280. Was it worth it? I don’t know, I only know I don’t have Corona virus. If I do catch it, I’m going back to PRMedica and demanding my money back!

One other thing I’m doing for my precious self is I swing by Santa Carmela market on the fourlane right out of Cabo, same side as Costco, a couple of times a week and order a hulk for 85 pesos. Watch them make it, it will blow your mind what they grind down to fit into a modest size plastic cup. They start with a good sized mixing bowl of mixed greens, including lettuce, kale, and spinach. Then they cut up a cucumber, an apple, couple stalks of celery, and anything else they can find lying around  the kitchen. It works as an energy boost for me and I don’t feel an obligation to eat my leafy greens, as one hulk has far more weeds than I would ordinarily push down in a week. If you order, you must call it a hooolk. That’s how they pronounce it and they don’t get the Gringo pronunciation. It’s on the chalk board, at the top. Point, if you have to. No, don’t jump around like the real Hulk, that wasn’t appreciated.