Historic Elections

Featuring all new faces, clean sweep of the winning party, and highest turnout ever

Elections went off without a hitch last week, with most incumbents kicked out of office amid a huge turnout of more than 60% that saw Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO in the popular press), become president on this, his third try. His Moreno party, which he cobbled together in a coalition of several, swept nearly everyone running on that ticket into power, including our first female mayor. She got 31.90% of the votes, which was still 8 percentage points more than her closest opponent, Labor Party (PT),Ernesto Ibarra.

The current mayor of Los Cabos, Arturo de la Rosa ran a distant third, fighting great discontent in the barrios over home robberies, chronic water shortages, and corruption.

Ruben Munoz, also of the Moreno party, became mayor of La Paz.

Nationwide the vote was perceived as a referendum on corruption. The people seem to be pretty sick of it and see it as the root of most of Mexico’s problems.

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