Hey! Those Cruise Ships Are Ours!

Pardon us. We like our cruise shippers and get a little jealous when they go to other ports

There have been a few setbacks for the $250 million cruise ship terminal in Rocky Point. That’s the poor man’s Cabo San Lucas on the Sea of Cortez up by the U.S. border. The first cruise ship is expected to arrive “soon”.  Whether that’s a Mexican soon or real soon was not divulged. The problems include strikes, issues with faulty construction materials, and political and environmental problems, and oh yes, a bad engineering report that swore that the rock under the construction would hold the structure. Well, maybe they just mailed in the report, figuring that if a place was called Rocky Point, it was suitably rocky. It wasn’t, so gigantic concrete blocks had to be pushed into the sea for anchors. 

2016-03-21-(1).jpgSome tourist businesses here tried to put a cruise dock in front of the Hacienda in downtown Cabo, but the three Parr brothers who at that time owned the old Hacienda hotel knew they were going to sell it so they started a campaign against the proposed facility.  They felt it would block their guests’ view and devalue their property so they drummed up a phoney ecological reason not to build it. The Parrs even started a corporation with an ecological name and theme. However, they paid the people they hired right out of the Hacienda corporation, so it was pretty easy to trace the money back. Nevertheless it worked, as well meaning ecofreaks bought the so called experts the Parrs hired, and they raised such a fuss, the push for the cruise ship pier was abandoned. So to this day we only have little tenders going out to haul our cruise shippers into town, leaving many of our possible visitors onboard the mother ship.

Rocky Point has always been the beach for people from Phoenix, Tuscon and Yuma as it’s just 60 miles from the Arizona border.

Cruise ship customers are expected to come from those markets along with California residents, for whom a new coastal highway has cut the distance by nearly 100 miles.  An airport finished eight years ago is also expected to bring the cruise ship people to this new departure point. This new home port will include a half mile long jetty, a terminal building, and a pedestrian walkway. Locals have been told to expect an additional $12 million a month to be spent there, all due to this new facility. 

Holland America is excited, declaring Rocky Point to be their new favorite jumping off point to their new seven day cruises on the Sea of Cortez. (See map for their route). Stops would include Guaymas, Loreto, La Paz and Topolobampo. Well, not exactly glamour pusses like Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, but nice. And warm. And these cruise passengers don’t have to spend a full day getting from Los Angeles to their first Mexican warm weather stop.