Here’s A Great Idea For Evening Entertainment

It’s outside, under the lights, healthy, and good for the entire family, what’s not to like?

The Cabo San Lucas Country Club has come a long way lately, in a long and bumpy journey.

The rather old complex that’s just a mile outside of Cabo San Lucas is a mixture of the 18 hole Dye designed golf course with  homesites and completed homes along it, a nice club house with restaurant and bar, and timeshare units and another restaurant/bar connected to that.

The property has been in a tangle of litigation for years, and that status brought sales of the homesites on the golf course to a screeching stop. Now the legal case has been decided, and the Reisdorf family has lost control of the part that is not timeshare. Suddenly, the property has bloomed. Almost literally. The ponds on the course have been sanitized, and the grass is in great shape. A new clubhouse has been built over looking the driving range. Lots are selling because people can now get titles. For now they are a bargain, close to town, on a nice golf course, not too close together, with woodsy area between them. We’re not promising a forest, but for our desert area there is a pretty dense buffer between most homesites. Aand all this tranquility is within a mile of Cabo San Lucas.

The course was bought by a Mexican from the mainland who owns several golf prperties around the country, including the Pebble Beach of Mexico, Baja Mar, near Ensenada. This guy knows how to run a golf course and he’s not afraid to invest some money. He plowed a ton of money into erecting lights for our night play.

They just turned the lights on at the Country Club, and it’s been transformed! Sitting on the terrace of the country club, eating dinner or enjoying a cocktail, while watching the people driving their balls out into the semi darkness is a kick. There are tables and chairs set up just feet from golfers practicing their game, as well as comfy adirondack chairs with wide arms to park your cocktail on. The grass is perfectly groomed, and it looks like a rich green carpet. There are four feet tall colored glow sticks planted in the ground like stakes that help make the entire scene magical.

If you want to swing a golf club, they have free loaners, and you can buy a bucket of 40 balls for $2.50 US, 90 balls for six bucks. Cheap. For now.

The restaurant has gone through some changes, too. They had pretty good food, then they had this snooty French  chef who screwed up the food and drove business away, but now they have a chef trained at the Pueblo Bonitos, and the food is great. They have specials every night, ranging from a four course filet mignon dinner for $23, to appetizers like a big plate of ribs for sharing for $10. It’s an extensive menu, all priced fairly.

 If you want to practice your golf, or if you’re not a golfer and just want to enjoy a healthy outdoor environment with your dinner tonight, drive out to the magical glow-in-the-dark Country Club. Their pro Juan Carlos is there to give you some golf tips, free of charge, so don’t be shy.

The entrance is on the fourlane just out of Cabo San Lucas, on the mountain side, and there is just a small sign at a small two lane road you take that goes up the left side of a huge empty dirt lot. A few hundred yards up this street, there is an entrance with a guard. Once past the guard shack you’re going to drive about a mile, winding through the property until you see the clubhouse on your right. Big parking lot on your left. Can’t miss it. ,