Happy Fella Needs A Home

Piro was abandoned along with 14 other dogs when his owner died. Fortunately, a young neighbor lady saw the terrible situation and rescued them all, and is now running around trying to find homes for everybody. Piro is the first one to be ready.

 Piro is an obedient, sweet, friendly and smart dog who understands leash, likes car rides and long walks. He’s good with kids and dogs, but hasn’t been tested with cats.

He likes to hug people, and is shy about his private business, only relieving himself where nobody can see him. He does not like to share his food. Hey! If you grew up with 13 brothers and sisters you wouldn’t be so good at that either. And you might have privacy in the bathroom issues, too.

Piro deserves a good home because he’s a good, resilient dog. He’s had his shots, he’s been wormed, his nuts are history, and he’s good to go. Can you take Piro?

Contact 4 Patas through their facebook page to adopt Piro!

4 Patas, which means 4 paws, is an animal shelter in Ensenada. They have lots of needs, from animal chow to vet services, cash to keep the lights on, and of course volunteers to keep the love coming. To get involved go to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/4Patas/