Government Rolls Out New Police Program

But they’re asking everyone else to pay for it

The federal government has announced yet another plan to shore up policing in tourist cities.

Mexico’s tourism department (Sectur) will roll out trial security programs over the next three weeks in Los Cabos, Cancún and Acapulco, all destinations that have been affected by recent upsurges in crime.

But the government will not fund the initiative, they are passing the hat for funding.

In coordination with the interior department, Sectur will deploy new tourist police forces for the program but is passing the sombrero among the business community, as well as the state and municipal governments, and oh yes, anyone else should feel free to toss in some pesos as well. The fed made it crystal clear that the government would not be able to fund the program on its own.

“It’s going to require resources and business owners are going to have to provide them but in exchange for that, governments have to be more open, transparent, inclusive and allow the business world, through already existing citizen councils, to oversee that commitments are met,” officials said.

Translation: We know we’re not going to be able to steal this money, because the business community is full of smart people who are on to our thieving ways.