For A Good Time Call Brownie

Looking for love? Adopt a dog

dog.jpgBrownie is a 10 month old little lady bull mastiff mix who is so sweet, she is even afraid of cats. She’s about 30 pounds, hard to tell exactly, as she gets pretty wiggly on the scale.  She’s had all her shots and she’s had The Big Operation, although she hasn’t been told that yet.

Brownie was plucked out of a garbage dump, surprisingly skinny considering she was surrounded by all that cuisine, but possibly it wasn’t to her liking. She has always been healthy.

Brownie is well behaved, loving, obedient, caring with children, a fast learner, hyperactive, and loves to run on the beach. Her special interests include fetch and naps.

She is house trained, no accidents here, and knows the leash protocol. She appreciates toys but is pretty hard on them.

Brownie  doesn’t dig, doesn’t bark much and is super social, lapping up the hugs, kisses, and petting that inevitably come her way.

logo_0.jpgFor a good time with Brownie call Daniela at Cell 646 196 0958. ,

4 Patas, which means 4 paws, is an animal shelter in Ensenada. They have lots of needs, from animal chow to vet services, cash to keep the lights on, and of course volunteers to keep the love coming.

To get involved go to their Facebook page at