Fish Report

July 9, 2018 Edition

Cabo San Lucas

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 65%, tuna 20%, dorado 3%, other species 9%. Recent tournament anglers found extraordinary double-digit releasesfor striped marlin along with an occasional sailfish. There were also plenty of smaller yellowfin tuna on the banks both on the Pacific side and up into the Sea of Cortez. Unfortunately, most of the tuna were smaller fish with only a few reaching the 40-pound class size. Inshore, bucket list sized roosterfish were also a popular choice along with some of the tough-fighting jack crevalle that topped 30 pounds. There were a few wahoo and dorado taken as well, which rounded out the surface action. Pinnacles off the lighthouse at Cabo Falso were holding grouper, cabrilla and red snapper large enough to feed the family plus additional friends when prepared at one of the local restaurants.

 LOCATION: Destiladeras, 20 miles out from the Old Lighthouse, Punta Gorda.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Mostly sunny, 80 degrees, and light winds.

AVERAGE WATER TEMP: Water temps to 76°F.

BEST LURES: Cedar plugs and marlin lures as well as live caballito, sardina, and mackerel.

Puerto Los Cabos

Water temps in the 76-degree range. The water has been stirred up andoff colored with moderate swells.

Bait supplies have consisted of caballito, mullet and some sardina. On the fishing grounds there have been sporadic baitfish schooling. Somedays there are plenty to be found and some days not as much. Anglers using yo-yo jigs have found fishing for red snapper (huachinango) from good to excellent. Other shallow-water structure fishing has been producing variousspecies of grouper, yellow snapper, pompano, and bonito along with a few amberjack. Along the shore, roosterfish and jack crevalle have been the most common fish caught with a few late season sierra in the

mix. The majority of roosterfish found were in the 10- to 20-pound class though farther north near San Luis, where the water clarity was better, a few fish up to 40 to 50 pounds were caught. Still there has been no action for dogtooth snapper; this is the time of year where these brutes are found patrolling the inshore rocky reefs and we arehoping for a late season flurry of these largest of all snapper.

 The striped marlin action is continuing outside of Iman and towards Desteladera.Even though some days are better than others, there isn’t a large concentration of marlin. Trolling lures, bait, and casting to tailing fish or drift-fishing bait down deeper have allproduced marlin strikes. Only a few smaller-sized dorado have been seen recently. The yellowfin tuna action was found from 15- to 30-miles offshore and was associated with fast-traveling porpoise. However, it was spotty action it has dictated searching for tuna averaging from 12 to 18 pounds.

East Cape

Water- Clear, flat, from 79 to 83 degrees with lots of temperature breaks. Air- Warming with highs in the 90s along with clear skies and dry. There has been excellent fishing with lots of good-sized yellowfin, a

consistent billfish bite; BIG roosterfish are almost guaranteed; for anglers who target them, there are some big wahoo and there is definitely improved dorado fishing and there has been some unbelievable bottom fishing for big pargo and amberjack. There’s lots of bait with caballito and plenty of big sardina available daily.

Yellowfin tuna are spread out, with loads of nice-sized 20- to 50-pound fish close inside from the lighthouse south; most are found within a half-mile from the beach on live sardina and caballito. Tuna are also outside under the porpoise taking hoochies and cedar plugs. Some big tuna to 85 pounds are being taken north off Pescadero. Lots of sails mixed with stripers are around along with some blues showing up off La Ribera. A couple of nice-sized wahoo to 65 pounds were taken recently with more hitting the cleaning tables daily. The dorado bite is improving with some nice bulls along with many smaller dorado taken recently. The roosterfish are much larger now and are found off the lighthouse and all the beaches!!Anglers are releasing at least one over 40 pounds daily. Big pargo are everywhere recently with three caught that weighed over 30-pounds -- big amberjack as well weighing up to 55-pounds and almost  all anglers fishing the bottom are scoring both species! La Paz Some highlights or lowlights, and not much in between. There were big fish and there were assorted smaller fish (for fun) and then…well, not much in that middle area. You either caught fish…or you didn’t! At Las Arenas/Muertos Bay, the action around Cerralvo Island and Punta Perrico again focused on the bigger grade of tuna that popped up about three weeks ago. And these fish were not pushovers! The tuna were big and grumpy. The smaller fish were 40 pounders. The larger fish  (we caught) were 60 pounders. And we lost probably 60- to 70% of the fish that were hooked either through inexperience, busted lines or hooks…or simply bad luck because well…that’s fishing! Good fishermen lost big fish. Rookies caught big fish. No rhyme or reason. But either way, heart-breaking  when you’re on a fish for up to an hour or two and it busts off.

On top of the tuna there, there were also wahoo. The wahoo were chewing on Rapalas for some fish up to 50 pounds. But, again, fish were lost. Add in a lot of pesky feisty bonito, jack crevalle and a few others including a few marlin and there was still some action to be had even if no fish were put in the coolers. For La Paz …again, this was the fun area to fish. Not much in the way of big fish, but there were some school-sized dorado. In the rocks there’s lots of snapper, big pargo and cabrilla and even some hold-over cooler water yellowtail and amberjack. Lots of fish lost in the rocks, but you could easily have 10-30 biters a day even if you lost most of those fish, you still got a nice chest of fish at the end of the day.

Cabo San Lucas

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