Fish Report

June 11, 2018 Edition

Cabo San Lucas

The yellowfin tuna has dominated the fishing recently, and striped marlin are picking up even through the full moon.


Cabo Climate The May weather finished with mostly sunny skies and average daytime temperatures in the 80s, and evening temperatures in the low 70s. The two-week outlook is favorable, heading into summer with daytime temperatures predicted to be in the mid 80s, and evening temperatures in the mid 70s with no precipitation predicted through the middle of May. Winds are expected in the 10 to 14 mph range, and humidity is expected to run in the 65% to 75% range through the middle of June.

Sea Conditions There have been relatively calm seas throughout the area with some surface chop occasionally stirred up by surface breezes at 10 to 14 mph mostly out of the WSW. The forecast is for more of the same with winds in the same range out of the west and WSW.  Sea temperatures around the Golden Gate and Jamie Banks are warming into the 71 to 72 degree range. Water around Cabo Falso east to the Gorda Banks is warmer, in the 73 to 74 degree range.

Best Fishing Areas El Faro was clearly the hot spot this past week for both tuna and marlin. The Herradura area also produced both tuna and marlin. 

Best Bait & Lures Feathers and cedar plugs have been the favorite of tuna, while trolled smoke trail lures have been the favorite for marlin. Live bait tossed to tailing marlin was also successful.

Bait Supply Plenty of bait has been available at the $3 per bait rate upon exit from the harbor.


Puerto Los Cabos

We are again seeing more tourists arrive, many arriving with their families. The weather has been ideal, gradually becoming warmer but still in a comfortable range of mid to upper 80s. Ocean swells have been light, winds minimal, and fishing action is on the upswing. Ocean temperatures have been in the upper 70s towards San Jose and north. This is also where the most consistent fishing action has occurred.

Although supplies of sardinia have remained consistent, this is the time of year when these smaller baitfish migratre out of the area. This could happen very soon. Sizeable schools of mullet are now in the area, as well as caballito. More bait activity has been found offshore as well—chihuil, skipjack, sardineta, and even some mackerel.

The striped marlin bite that had scattered is now going strong on the Desteladera Bank, where concentrations of baitfish are located. Charters are reporting multiple shots for stripers daily, mainly while drift fishing baits, but also trolling.

After being gone for nearly a week, the yellowfin tuna were found once again, having moved from La Fortuna and Iman Bank to the Vinorama area. Although a long ride north for local fleets, these yellowfin were located within a mile of the shore. They were striking best on either slow-trolled or drifted sardinia. A lot of black skipjack were also on these same grounds. The tuna found here were about 70 pounds and finicky, striking best on 30 to 40 pound leaders. It’s necessary that you play out these larger fish for up to an hour to land them. Boats have been catching up to five fish but only landing one or two.

A few more dorado were seen recently, though they are very spread out and most were under ten pounds. There have been no wahoo to speak of yet.

Inshore action was mainly for roosterfish and jack crevalle. Most of the roosterfish were in the 25 pound range, though a few much larger fish were released. We expect the largest roosterfish to appear over the next three weeks.

Other action included a mix of shallow water structure species. More pompano have been seen, as well as yellow snapper, amberjack, leopard grouper, and others.


East Cape

The water temperature has been about 82-83 degrees. The water has been clean, clear, and flat, with a southeasterly afternoon breeze. The late spring weather has shown highs in the mid to high 80s. With the weather warming up, so is the fishing. There is a lot of bait available here, including big sardinia.

Almost all of the boats have limits on yellowfin. Fish from 10 to 45 pounds have been found under the porpoise, seven miles off the lighthouse. There is excellent fishing, with a lot of dorado around, some up to 45 pounds. There are large schools of four to 25-pounders. Roosterfish and pargo are around for inshore fishing, and a large 29 pound pargo was caught.


La Paz

Although there’s still not great fishing, the weather is getting warmer, the water is turning bluer, and there is at least decent fishing. There are still some funky water conditions around and the occasional bout of wind and waves, but overall the improvement every week is noticeable in conditions and consequently in the fishing. There were not as many big fish lately, but some fun fishing nonetheless.

Muertos Bay reported few fish, but the quantity was trumped by quality. The fish were generally larger and feistier models. The larger roosterfishes were running 30 to 80 pounds, the wahoo are around 20 to 50 pounds—though the dorado came in as small as eight pounders—but some nice bulls in the 20 to 30 pound class were taken as well.  A few smatterings of 20 to 30 pound tuna were reported, too.  Plus, mix in a few nice pargo, cabrilla, jack crevalle, bonito, and even some holdover cold-water species, like amberjack and sierra. 

The thing is, you’ve got a homerun fish more or less. Few fish but the fish that were caught were larger. One boat could hit money and the boat next to it could blank. And with these larger fish you get hooked, but the fish (being larger and tougher) bust off. That’s not bad fishing, that’s just unlucky “catching,” and part of the sport. For straight action and fun, the better fishing was with La Paz Fleet. There weren’t as many big fish as in Las Arenas, but for just a day of action and getting bent, the action around the islands north of town were a lot more entertaining. In addition to great action on snapper, several species of pargo, and some real fat cabrilla, toss in some occasional tuna, some big roosterfish, and some 10 to 25 pound dorado, and you’ll have the makings of a fun day and some great fillets for the cooler.

A lot of the algae that’s lining the beach is now starting to burn off, leaving behind it warmer blue waters, so expectations are high for better fishing as we head towards summer.

Cabo San Lucas

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