Feliz Año Nuevo!

New Year’s Traditions of Mexico

New Year’s comes with an endless number of traditions and rituals. Feel free to pick and choose among these festive activities. Some are peculiar to Mexico, some not.

Clothing choices are important at this time in Mexico. Wearing of white is said to attract good health and ward off sickness. Many choose to wear articles of clothing for the first time, curiously, with yellow and red undies. The yellow is said to invite wealth and happiness, and the red is said to attract love. So for those of you choosing to go commando, you may be on your way to the poorhouse, sick and alone.

Before the last dinner of the year, consider a top-to-bottom house cleaning, ridding the house of bad luck. Some people rid the house of negativity, sorrow, and troubles by throwing a glass or bucket of water out the front door toward the street.

A sweet bread baked with baby Jesus inside it is on offer. The guest who receives the slice with the Jesus is said to be blessed with good luck for the following year, starting with they have to host the next party.

Fresh seasonal flowers bring joy, and candles attract good things to the household. Different colors of candles attract special qualities: red attracts passion; green entices health; white draws clarity; orange brings intelligence; yellow draws abundance; and blue invites peace. Don’t use your giant Yankee candles for the table, as they must be allowed to burn out. Blowing out the flame early may blow your chances at good fortune.

As in most cultures hugs and kisses abound at the big moment. The New Year’s toast represents the spark of happiness. If you want travel in your future, take a walk around the neighborhood while carrying a suitcase. Of course you will be traveling to the nut house if you’re seen.

Community gatherings in the town square are full of good cheer and frivolity. Fireworks are thought to frighten away evil spirits and bring good look to the community.

Whichever ritual you choose, we wish you all Feliz Ano Nuevo!,