El Truinfo 4th Annual Gastronomic Festival


This Saturday, November 16, The Pueblo Magico City of El Triunfo, Baja Calfornia Sur, is hosting its 4th Annual a fundraising event that is in and of itself, a nice little "magical" event.

The small town's 4th Gastronomic Festival theme of Cooking & Giving theme is a memorable gala of the community's effort to help showcase the culinary talents of its residents and those within this Southern Baja California Region.

Fifteen chefs and five mixologists from the Los Cabos will be providing their voluntary food and drink-making skills to feed and fuel the estimated 100+ guests whose ticket purchases will go a long way to helping the impoverished citizens of this quaint city and toward the restoration of their historic buildings; one of which is home to the unknown but much-valued historic piano museum. 

At one time between 1828-1829, El Triunfo, was the state capital of Baja California Sur. The big silver rush of 1784 is what gave birth to this small mining town and propelled the city's growth from a few hundred people to a population of 10,000 strong, making it the largest city in the southern part of Baja California during that era. 

El Triunfo has since returned to being a city so small, if you blink while driving along Mexican Highway 19, you might miss it. The town is a mere few blocks long and its population has dwindled back to a few 300 or so inhabitants.

Its colonial feel remains intact and the vibe in town is one of old glory. One whose legend lies in the collection of rustic brick facades, with cracked mortar and broken windows. A cobblestone bridge and an old smokestack designed by architect and engineer, Gustave Eiffel (of the Eiffel Tower in France) lend further credence to the city's humble present and once glorious, silver mining past.

Silver was first discovered in El Triunfo during 1862 (after the Northern California gold rush of 1849) and new fortune-seeking transplants arrived from all over the globe. Some coming from as far away as Germany, England, Canada, Russia, Italy, China and the U.S. And while some of those voyagers were lucky enough to land great bounties, others less fortunate, are laid to rest among the many small markers that dot the ancient, hillside cemeteries.

Famed California musician from that era, Francisco Mendoza, began hosting piano concerts at the behest of the town's rich and privileged citizens. So many pianos were brought in by horse-drawn carriages along the dirt and gravel roads that the city once boasted more pianos per capita, than all the cities in all of Mexico.

Reachi Ruben Lugo, Tourism Secretary of the State of Baja California Sur, said that the State Government will continue to promote these types of events that promote the culture and history of Mexico's roots, as well as the natural beauty of BCS. It is an event that best personifies being transported back in time. A unique festival not to be missed by locals and visitors fortunate enough to be in Los Cabos, before the Thanksgiving holidays.

"El Triunfo, is like the naturally beautiful city that time has forgotten," said Jose Luis Varto, a famous Los Cabos photographer.

The Cabañas Boutique Hotel will host the fabulous event that features a dizzying array of delectable delights that range from tasty tacos, empanadas, crunchy bite-sized tangy vegetable snacks created by the culinary wizardry of talented local chefs that include Abraham A. Tamez (Metate), Alberto Collarte (Grand Solmar), Alejandro Torres (The Revolution), Alex Branch (Herringbone), and Belen Cortez (Sigma); among 10 others. 

"It has always been such a wonderful, fun and memorable event," noted Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Sands Bar business owner, Doris Tolson, who is a frequent Los Cabos philanthropist always willing and happy to help the various annual fundraising charities.

El Truinfo event organizers invite everyone to the 4th El Triunfo Gastronomic Festival, which begins at 1 p.m. with live music scheduled between 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. and features the Bocca Morada Band of Guadalajara, and Damiana Conde with her 1980s throwback music show.

Tickets are priced at $950 pesos and can be purchased at Toro Latin Kitchen and La Pintada in Cabo San Lucas, and in San Jose del Cabo at The Wine Shop in Palmilla Shoppes Plaza and in La Paz at Sushi Zone, and Casa Mendoza and in Todos Santos at Hotel San Cristobal.