Eat, Dance And Drink

Learn how to make salsa and dance salsa, all in one class

Salsa. One word with two very different definitions. The first is the salsa you eat with just about every dish here in Mexico. The second is the style of dancing. Both are delightful, and even more so when they’re paired together. And, lucky for us, we can find this match made in heaven through a company called The Original Salsa and Salsa.

Salsa and Salsa offers interactive, hands-on classes that combine cooking and dancing. They customize the classes based on the ages and preferences of the group, accommodating all interested people. There is absolutely no dancing or cooking experience required, and all levels of expertise are welcome. The important part is that you show up with an empty belly and legs ready to boogie.


All classes include homemade Mexican food, with a special focus on Mexican salsas. For $69 USD, you will learn how to make six different salsas, two different drinks, and a whole lot of salsa moves. And, if you enjoy authentic Mexican alcoholic beverages, they can customize tours to include all-you-can-drink margaritas. They also offer tours that include a variety of non-alcoholic Mexican beverages (or a mix of both). Students go home with full stomachs, new dance moves, and a recipe sheet so you don’t forget what you learned.

The classes are held at the Villa Serena restaurant, just outside of Cabo on the fourlane. The class schedule is based around the arrival of cruise ships, but tourists and locals are also welcomed to attend. The classes are around three hours long and are hosted all throughout the week (they’ll give you the full schedule when you email them to book a class). If you have a group of 15 or more people, they also offer private classes.

If you are ready for this fun and delicious experience, you can visit their website at or email them at to book your class. You can also find them on Facebook at