Dressed To Kill

But cuddly as a best friend should be.

Frida.jpgWe don’t know where Frida’s been in her short life, and she’s not talking, but it must have been with good people, because Frida’s a good dog. She’s a people pleaser, an over achiever in that department. She half sits, watching for a signal what she should do next to please.  She’s super healthy, very alert and frisky, but knows how to calm it down and behave when she’s indoors. She leashes well, and will make you look good walking down the sidewalk together.

To adopt Frida, call Wendy at 646 150 4840.


4 Patas, which means 4 paws, is an animal shelter in Ensenada. They have lots of needs, from animal chow to vet services, cash to keep the lights on, and of course volunteers to keep the love coming.

To get involved go to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/4Patas/