Downtown Business Association On A Roll

The organization has gone far toward cleaning up downtown, but are they over reaching?

The downtown Cabo San Lucas Merchants Ass. has done a lot to clean up and pretty up their turf.

They have lobbied the city to ban parking, which is kinda, sorta successful until evening time when it’s Katie bar the door on illegal parking.  They have deployed trash cans and benches, although the benches are facing the wrong way and so are largely monopolized by the trinket salesmen as they wait for business.

The merchants have involved themselves in the recent remodeling of the street which includes putting the utilities underground. But they have more big plans.

 Now they want to change the facades of most of the downtown buildings. They have commissioned an urban planner to redesign the tackier looking trinket shops, trying to give at least those which are lined up all in a row on a block, a uniform look.

Is this a good idea? We’ll leave it up to those who wander the streets to decide. But we have a pretty good idea what the faction that goes apoplectic over how Cabo has morphed into a suburb of San Diego feels about this.