Donald “Donnie” Mittelman Dies

donnie.JPGDonnie passed away peacefully on Friday, June 9, at age 69. From his birth in 1948, Donnie was big, happy, bright, gregarious, and so very handsome. Donnie grew up in West Los Angles and the San Fernando Valley, the son of Joseph and Sally Mittelman.

People always seemed to congregate around him because he was so outgoing. He loved people and delighted in walking up to total strangers and talking to them as if they were old friends. He was also an avid reader of history and current events.

At age 21, Donnie entered his father Joe’s manufacturer’s representative automotive aftermarket business and became an instant success. He spent 21 years making his mark in the sales business and was known throughout the industry as a great and truthful salesman.

He married the love of his life, Patti Lauderback, in 1980. They moved to Phoenix where they lived a full and happy life surrounded by new friends.

Donnie eventually started a water purification business in Cabo and, starting from nothing, built it into a thriving company.

Donnie left a mark on everyone he came in contact with and will always be remembered as being a brilliant, outgoing and fun person to be around.