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Drug Rehab Centers in Cabo

In April 2016, the number of people entering a rehabilitation center in Baja California Sur to be treated for an addiction problem increased by about 20 percent over the previous year, said Socorro Lucero, state coordinator of rehabilitation centers for the Ministry of Health (SSA) of the Southern Baja California state Government.

Adding at the time that there were only five centers accredited by the SSA. 

Those numbers of drug addiction treatment centers have steadily risen, as has the use of drugs by both local and expat residents of the growing Los Cabos community. At the time, Lucero said that prevention at home is the first step to minimize an addiction problem, since it is within families where legal drugs are often allowed, such as alcohol and tobacco, which became the gateway to other types of addictive substances in children.


"Addiction is a serious problem, the use of addictive substances starts with children as young as 13 years of," she said.

In our state, Primary Addiction Care Centers exist, which are free throughout the state to receive help and guidance. In Cabo San Lucas, one of those free for Mexican citizens is located a few blocks northwest of the Pemex Oxxo service station at Lazaro Cardenas Boulevard next to the Telcel offices across the street from City Club.

One of those free service drug addiction and rehabilitation centers in Cabo San Lucas is run by Victor Quezada, whose Anexo center phone number is 624-158-3691. Another free inpatient care center is located high in the hills of San Lucas at Lomas Altas, which can be contacted by dialing 624-355-3373. 

In February 2017, Mireya Soto, Director of the State Crime Prevention Center of BCS (Southern Baja California) warned that our region has one of the highest records of drug use in the whole country.

“The Northwest area is a region vulnerable to consumption, drug trafficking and cultivation. In Mexico, Sinaloa has the highest drug use, followed by Baja California North and Baja California South, with Sonora ranked the 4th highest.

"The violent behavior of adolescents today is due in part to the problems in which they live, such as family violence at home, that causes young people to suffer self-destructive behaviors such as rebellion, addictions or even suicidal tendencies," added Soto, noting that the lack of opportunities and the economic crisis are factors that contribute to a young person's emotional instability.

"It has been recorded through surveys conducted in elementary, middle school and high schools, that 70 percent of BCS students have already used drugs." 

One of those young people who fell victim to the abuse of drugs was 24-year-old Samir A. of Los Cabos. Born and raised in Cabo San Lucas, Samir was a promising young basketball prodigy, whose tall height and strong post-up moves in the paint during his elementary and middle school years, seemingly posed as the means and ways in which he would continue playing in high school and potentially college. 

And while the lean and athletic Samir did become a high school star, he did not pursue higher education, and continued playing the game he loved in the Los Cabos Adult Basketball Leagues, where games are played at El Auditorio of the Delegacion Sports Complex, at Arena by Office Depot, and San Jose del Cabo, until he started using hard drugs when he was 23-years-old in 2018, and disappeared into the dark world of addiction and abuse. 

He was listed on the Division I and Division II roster of several different teams in two leagues, but rarely showed up for games, and when he did, teammates joked about his increasing loss of weight due to a crystal meth smoking addiction. His future grew dim until his parents placed him in a drug and addiction treatment center, where he spent 8 months receiving help for his self-destructive, downward spiral abuse of drugs. 

Now Samir is a healthy, productive member of the Cabo San Lucas community, coaching a women's team and playing on an adult team himself, where he has regained his weight and has returned to being the dominant inside-outside player that every team would love to have on their roster.

"It was a dark time in my life, and I'm happy to have put all that behind me," said a joyous and humble, Samir. 

One of the nicest inpatient care facilities is located in Pescadero, which is not state-funded with little to no cost but offers a dedicated Bilingual staff to attend to American and Canadian citizens living in Mexico seeking treatment for their addiction. 

As per their website,, "People who come to Las Olas arrive with the mission of getting their lives back on track, detoxing from harmful substances, and addressing their addiction in a safe, supportive environment with their peers."

Located in the beautiful hills of El Pescadero (near Todos Santos) their serene and secluded sanctuary also serves as a medical detoxification clinic. Their doctors and nurses provide a detoxification process that is as comfortable as possible, in a safe and closely-monitored environment.

Founder John Davis has implemented the most cutting edge therapeutic processes and activities that he has modeled based on his decades of facilitating recovery at the best treatment centers in the U.S. The result is the clinical treatment of addiction that rivals the best centers in the world at a fraction of the cost. 

According to Davis, "It’s not enough to merely 'stop using.' That’s just the beginning. The recovering person needs to address the past and the underlying issues that can overwhelm them and may complicate their ongoing recovery. Our comprehensive program combines recovery education, psychotherapy, and medical case management with holistic services such as yoga and meditation. At Las Olas, the introduction of our clients to the 12-step program allows them to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery and rediscover a life filled with health and peace." At Las Olas, patients can expect to participate in activities such as surfing, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding to get and keep their spirits up.

"What makes this place so awesome is you feel like you have two caring friends that have invited you to their beautiful house in paradise to get well! (clean and sober). I went for one day to Tijuana, and I didn't leave for six years and watched everything I built up fall apart. I became addicted to six different drugs primarily heroin, crack cocaine and an insane amount of oxycodone or roxys, smoked ice/meth all day every day," said Daniel T. of La Jolla, CA.  

"I left elder parents, 12 siblings, friends and a thriving business. It was as ugly as it gets. They loved me back to health here and I'm so grateful. Any heroin/opiate addict is going to have great withdrawal fear, as I certainly did. Well right off the bat the doctors here dialed in the medical detox that had me swimming, fishing, exercising, etc. They had great meals, and gave me a head start at a new life perfectly balanced with the daily recovery," he added.

"Compared to stateside rehabs it's a bargain as well. Don't search for a perfect spot because it doesn't exist. It's not perfect here, but it was perfect for an addict like me."

Las Olas is located off Highway 19, Km 63 in Pescadero and their offices can be reached at 612-153-5726. 

Another Bilingual English detox center is located just 20 minutes from the Los Cabos International Airport, which is the private, holistic and all-inclusive Ibogaine Treatment Center, whose treatment protocols are customized to meet the specific needs of each individual patient and their unique situation.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid and primary ingredient that comes from the root bark of the West African shrub known as Tabernanthe Iboga. This natural plant medicine, which has long been used as a right of passage, spiritual and healing ceremonies by the Bwiti people of Western Africa, is being used as an extremely effective detoxification treatment and “addiction interrupter” for a wide range of drugs, alcohol and prescription medications. 

Ibogaine offers 5-day, 7-day and 10-day treatment programs, as well as an extended treatment plan for those that may need a bit more time to heal, especially for those individuals addicted to long-acting opioids such as Methadone, Subutex and Suboxone (Buprenorphine). 

For more detailed information on Ibogaine as well as a full breakdown of the variety of Ibogaine treatments offered at The POI Institute, please visit their website, or contact their offices 833-764 – 2226. 

New Creation Christian Rehab Center is a Los Cabos Residential Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Program that is located in the Mesa Colorada community of San Jose del Cabo in Baja California Sur. Their faith-focused mission is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the least, the last and the lost.

The drugs and substances all of the inpatient recovery and rehab centers offer treatment for include the standard; alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, LSD, PCP, marijuana, methamphetamine, and that old stand by, tobacco. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call their English speaking phone line, 624-205-2038. For Spanish speaking locals, dial 624-134-9973. The New Creation Christian Rehab Center's SJDC address is Calle Mision De San Jose Del Cabo, Coonia Mesa Colorada 23462. 

Writer Robin Emmott of reported that "Americans have long crossed the border for cheap medicine and are now choosing Mexico for dentistry and eye and heart surgery and drug addiction treatment."

And not to be outdone, Emilia Vega, opened the Municipal Council Against Addictions in 2012, which at the time, became the first rehabilitation center for women with alcohol or drug addictions.