Dolores Takes Out Medano


Even though hurricane Dolores blew by us almost 300 miles out to sea, we still got some drizzles and a lot of pounding surf.

We had a couple of days of 40 mph winds and swells of six to 12 feet. This was enough to cause the port captain to close the marina for several days, which means no boats went in or out, a bummer for the sportfishing industry. Also, our most popular beach, Medano, was mostly closed, as the sea surged up to the front doors of most of the bars and restaurants. If they had a front door, which they don’t.

When Dolores petered out further way off shore,, the sea retreated, leaving us with a skinnier beach.  But beaches are like living creatures that go through lots of changes. A storm from another direction can bring back our sand. Or not. In the past we have resorted to trucking sand in form other beaches.