Do It Yourself Art Projects

Paint parties are back at Pez Gordo Gallery

Have you ever wondered if you could be the next Grandma Moses? Or maybe you just like the idea of putting brush to canvas and seeing what comes out, masterpiece or otherwise. Either way, the Pez Gordo Gallery can help you unleash your inner artist.

With the start of high season, the gallery has begun their weekly paint parties again. Every Monday, the gallery hosts instructor-led group art classes. Each class has a different theme and uses various techniques and materials, so you can choose your class based on what type of art you like best.

paintcl.JPGAnd keep in mind, no experience - or talent - is required. In fact, the instructors love to have different levels of skill in their classes. (Because what fun would it be for them if everyone was really good?) What they care about most is that you have fun and can take home a piece of art you are proud of. If it turns out you’re not a budding Grandma Moses, you can always hang it in the garage.

One fun thing about the paint parties is that they are BYOB (bring your own booze) and BYOF (bring your own food). There are several restaurants and a deli in the same strip center, and you are welcome to order in food to snack and drink as you create your masterpieces. We recommend the drinking part if you’re feeling especially self conscious about your lack of artistic talent; nothing like some wine to get your creative juices flowing. Or to make you not care if you think you’re not making the grade.

The paint parties cost $70 USD per person and run for about three hours. For your money, you get a canvas with a pre-sketched drawing to facilitate your work, step by step instructions to complete the piece of art, all the materials needed, and you get to take the canvas home.

What is interesting about this method of getting a canvas with a sketch already on it, is everyone starts out the same, yet no two come out the same. The canvases are interpreted very differently. Last year our boss did this, and maybe she had too much wine, but her fish turned into a fish Christmas tree. Everyone else’s fish was just as unique. There is no failure in this class.

The paint parties typically have between five to 12 students.

Pez Gordo also offers private classes for people who are looking for a more personal experience. With private classes, you can choose your own design, and which technique and style you want to learn about. It’s a fun idea for bachelorette/bridal parties, corporate events, girls’ nights out, birthday and holiday parties or club events.

If you want to try a paint party, you can visit the Pez Gordo Facebook page at to see the schedule and the theme/design for upcoming classes. To reserve your spot (which is required) you can stop by the gallery at the Shoppes at Palmilla, call them at 624-144-5292 or email