Despensas – The Art of Giving

Fernando Despensas.jpg

With the closure of businesses, restaurants, and hotels along the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Sea of Cortez corridor due to COVID-19, the local Cabo San Lucas population has been struggling to earn money to feed their families.

One of the first responders during this public health catastrophe was the non-profit organization, Heart4 Cabo, which immediately hit the dusty dirt roads of San Jose del Cabo delivering 16-item basic food packages known in Mexico as ''Despensas'' (pronounced deh-spen-sahs). Led by founder Rick Antillon, Heart Cabo has been in existence for nine years and has been delivering food-filled despensas since 2014 when the Odile Hurricane natural disaster crippled the city.

Local municipal police officers as well as Los Cabos Navy military soldiers accompany Heart4Cabo members during their Thursday deliveries, in which as many as 600 despensas are given to struggling and starving Cabo citizens.

"We want to give special thanks to the Secretary of the Navy and especially to Admiral Jorge Medina for helping Heart4Cabo and Sancho Panza Association deliver more than 600 packages," said a Heart4Cabo representative.

When it comes to accountability and transparency, Heart4Cabo leads the way with more than 6,000 photos of their despensas deliveries, grocery store purchases, and published receipts of the more than $24,000 dollars in donations.

"On average, we are spending $5,000 to $,7000 a week on food but it’s still not enough," lamented Heart4Cabo president, Rick Antillon.

The foundation has delivered despensas in over 30 neighborhoods as well as the rural town of Miraflores.   

An average 16-item despensa costs $250 pesos or roughly $10.10 USD; which is about 14.50 lbs or 6.6 kg of food. Most despensas include cooking oil, toilet paper, Clorox, and soap.

The newest and youngest organization to enter the despensa delivery efforts is The Los Cabos Foundation, spearheaded by real estate developer, Agustin Sanchez and Surf and Sports 1 small business partner/owner, Christian Saucedo and a magazine publisher/writer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Fundación Tres Deseos is the smallest of the non-profit organizations joining in the cause to help the local needy population of Cabo San Lucas, delivering diapers, powdered baby formula, and jars of baby food as donations arrive to try to fill those demands. During this crisis, the demand for help is far far greater than the supply of grocery items these foundations provide.

And then, there's Jason Earl and his small band of friends. The Pearl of a young man has been unselfishly providing water to some families that have, at times, gone weeks without critical and life-preserving H2O.

"We have gone from helping 15 families to reaching over 100," said the charismatic and caring young man. "I can’t express my gratitude enough to those that have helped this mission push forward. I have not asked for one cent from anyone. The angels that have contributed came from the shadows to help.

"It’s amazing how many people are without water."

If anyone would like to donate to Jason's humanitarian cause, they can find him on Facebook and message him about how to send much-needed funds via the highly trusted and safe PayPal account system.

Anyone wishing to donate to any of the above champions of goodwill, please visit The Los Cabos Foundation Support-for-Struggling-Families-in-Los Cabos account, Heart4 Cabo at their Facebook group, and Fundacion Tres Deseos Facebook page.