Daniel Has A Brain Tumor

Daniel Morales, 17, has a tumor which is pushing on his optic nerve and pressing on brain tissue.

Daniel was first aware of this problem at age 10 and in 2012 he had surgery for the first time, however, the tumor grew back and now Daniel’s family approached Los Cabos Children’s Foundation in search of support because Daniel requires a second surgery and he has no medical coverage.

If the operation is not performed the tumor will continue to grow, which will generate facial deformation, loss of vision and affect neurological activity with deadly consequences.

The operation is a delicate procedure and will cost $27,000 USD, which covers hospitalization, medical diagnosis, supplies, and doctor fees.

Thanks to a joint effort between a talented medical team, Hospital H+ and Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, most of the resources have been obtained. They are looking for the community’s support to gather the last $6,750. You can donate online at  www.loscaboschildren.org

Or you can contact the Los Cabos Children’s foundation. They are a very well established charity that has been around for many years and is very well respected.

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