Daily News Blasts

June 24, 2019 Edition

Small Aircraft Collapses

A 1957  Cessna 182 fell to earth upside down minutes after taking off from the Punta Ballena landing strip near Punta Abreojos, a small fishing town at the entrance to San Ignacio Lagoon. The area is known as a breeding site for gray and humpback whales in the winter months.

Pilot David Dalahoise and his co-pilot, Rodney Draker, said that the aircraft seemed to have been hit by a large bird. Both were air-evacuated to the U.S. due to their injuries.

Caesar's Palace Under Fire

As soon as construction of the Caesar's Palace resort in the San Jose estuary was announced, several ecology devoted groups, as well as business associations and even city lawmakers, expressed their opposition, as it would allegedly damage that important source of water for the city.

Grupo Questro executives and developers of the resort met with Mayor Armida Castro and several lawmakers yesterday and agreed to form a trust fund to bring back the estuary to its original healthy status. Questro will pitch in money for a study by experts and maintain it in cahoots with the city and federal governments. Read the entire story in our June 24 edition.

Mexicans Surely Can Turn Bad Times into Fun Ones

Torrential rains and hail fell on the Guadalajara vicinity over the weekend. One particular storm took shoppers by surprise at a mall as water cascaded through the roof into a rapidly-expanding pool on the floor of the Plaza Patria mall in Zapopan, Jalisco.

A band of musicians that were playing for the mall customers while the water flooded the floor, struck up the 1997 Titanic’s film theme song, My Heart Will Go On, to the amusement and delight of assembled shoppers. This is the second time that Plaza Patria has been under water. The mall was overtaken by a torrential downpour at the beginning of the rainy season last year as well. At least 20 businesses were affected by storm damage.

New Fine Announced

Los Cabos director of mobility and traffic announced that vehicles parked on sidewalks will be towed away and fined $30 bucks. Add that to the cost of thw tow truck, which is another $40 bucks for small and medium sized vehicles.

The city government has increased most traffic fines up 100% and is launching random operatives by setting up check points in different parts of Cabo and San Jose. Just yesterday, half a dozen traffic officers had over 20 vehicles lined up and were checking their documents.

Lack of license plates, expired drivers' licenses and lack of the electromechanical revision tags were most of the infractions issued. Keep your vehicles updated, we say, or pay the fine.

George Clooney Does Cabo

Flying in a private jet, actor George Clooney, winner of three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards arrived at the Cabo San Lucas international airport, where he was welcomed by the airport's owner, Sebastian Romo.

Clooney is a regular to Cabo, where he owns a home in partnership with his long-time friend and former bar and nightclubs owner Rande Gerber (who also happens to be the husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford).

It was here in Cabo that Clooney and Gerber came up with the idea to create their CasaAmigos tequila in 2003, which was sold in 2017 for $1 Billion to U.K. based multinational booze company Diageo.

Clooney's wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, did not accompany him.

Cruise Shippers Get Sweets

The City government has launched a new program called "Los Cabos Origins," which is an exhibit and sales of Regional Home Made products such as Damiana liqueur, regional sweets, clothing, accessories, arts and crafts and much more.

The exhibit is displayed at the Cabo marina on the Malecon (boardwalk) every time a cruise ship anchors in Cabo Bay. On opening day, an estimated 4,500 pilgrims brought in aboard two cruise ships walked along the Malecon.

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