Daily News Blasts

June 10, 2019 Edition

Caesars Palace Does Cabo.

No gambling, though. Construction has begun on the San Jose estuary with the removal of dozens of palm trees, which has ecofreaks already up protesting... on social media.

The developer is Questro group, known for El Ganzo hotel, the San Jose Marina, the hotels Dreams, ME Los Cabos, Casa Dorada, Casa del Mar and the Cabo Real residential development and golf course. Oh, and coming soon, the Gray Ghost, that abandoned building in the center of the Cabo Marina. Yup, Questro Group will bring it back to life. Well, make it live, as it was never actually alive.

Caesars' Palace $200 million investment will bring us 500 new hotel rooms and suites, a 40,000 sq. ft. convention center, spa, three restaurants, pools, gym and tennis courts. But no gambling. Sigh.


Former President Visits Us

Felipe Calderón, Mexico’s President from 2006 to 2012 arrived in Los Cabos “on vacation and to visit some friends,” but he was discovered upon his arrival at the International airport in San Jose del Cabo and was nice enough to talk to his fans.

He arrived without his wife, who will be running for the presidential seat in 2024, but said “she’ll catch up with me later.” Calderon took the opportunity to invite everyone present to join “Mexico Libre” (A Free Mexico), his recently formed political party, to support his wife’s campaign for President.


American Citizen Found Dead

Loren Gilbert Hendricks, 81, was found dead aboard his yacht "Tenacity," moored at the Marina Mar de Cortes in La Paz yesterday morning. There are no signs of violence and his death, pending an autopsy, was labeled natural.


Baja wine becomes World Revelation 2019

The Caipirinha 2016, created at the El Cielo winery in the Guadalupe Valley of Northern Baja (think Ensenada), surpassed 5,393 red wines in this year’s Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. The wines were tried by 340 experts, who no doubt ended completely wasted if they tried them all in one night. Ha, ha.  The Caipirinha 2016 is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Nebbiolo and Malbec, matured for 24 months in brand new French barrels.

The contest took place early May in Aigle, Switzerland. Oh, now we know. The 340 experts tasted 9,150 wines from 46 countries on a 3-day drinking marathon. I’d like to try that at home, don’t you?