Daily News Blasts

May 27, 2019 Edition

We have new ambulances!

Governor Carlos Mendoza came to town tagging along 8 new ambulances for the Los Cabos area. Mayor Armida Castro got the keys and told us that two of them are equipped for intensive care and will be deployed in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose along with 3 more.

The rural areas of La Ribera, Santiago and Miraflores on the East Cape will receive one ambulance each. Armida also stated the city government will acquire five more “soon.”

Would You Loan This Company $8 billion?

Although Pemex is technically insolvent, they just swung a loan from three banks for $8 billion. They are currently $100 billion in the hole. HSBC, JP Morgan and some Japanese bank took the plunge after President AMLO double pinkie promised Mexico would pay back the loan in the likely event Pemex squanders this opportunity.

Bad News, Worse News, Worst News

Our pretty worthless water utility, which can't even reliably deliver water to us, illegally fired an employee, and now has lost a labor board lawsuit over it. That's the bad news.

The worse news is the aggrieved employee was able to lien three of Oomsapas' bank accounts for the $20,000 owed.

Nope, that's not the worst news, the worst news is the accounts altogether didn't have 20 grand in them so the clock is still ticking on the money owed.

Nope, that's not the worst of the worst news. The worst news is the payoff is eventually going to have to come out of the kitty that's supposed to buy our new desalinization plant.

We Are Special

The Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (Setues) in Baja California Sur announced that in 2019, we could reach 4 million visitors, exceeding the previous year.

"We are seeing more arrivals of national and United States visitors, in large numbers, 3 million and a half came last year and we are hoping that this year we will reach almost 4 million," he told the media.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP ) of 2018 reflected a growth of 13% compared to 2017, in which there was 12% growth here. The national average of growth does not even reach 2%.

Currently, there are about 25,000 hotel rooms in Southern Baja, which will increase to 30,000 in the next 2 years. Each of those new resorts markets us all over the world, especially North America and in Mexico, making up for the President yanking the entire national tourist agency so he can build his silly bullet train to nowhere. We’ve shown we don’t need him, but what about towns struggling to attract tourists? Mexico is more than pretty beaches, you know.

Mexico Yanks Back Welcome Mat

Mexico was helping Central American migrants travel through the country, but no longer.

There are too many people expecting too many free services, and people in small towns no longer have the resources or patience. There are bad hombres traveling with the caravans, and they are stealing, doing drugs, and bothering the local ladies. Some towns are hiring buses to get them to the next town.

But many people are blaming the yanking of the welcome mat to President Lopez Obrador cow-towing to Trump's demands. Of course, AMLO denies that.

Yesterday immigration officials pulled all the migrants off a train. Immigration officials said about 100 migrants "accepted the aid of the institute." The rest were allowed to continue on their way, walking.

Last week Cubans rioted in their detainee camp, pushing their way into the women's side and 1,300 took the opportunity to take it on the lam. Half of those were quickly re-captured.

What a mess. Mexico didn't ask for this.

Seaweed Choking Beaches

Sargassum is back, and it's piling up on beaches and choking the living daylights out of tourism in Cancun, all the way south to Tulum. We're not talking a little seaweed washing up on shore, this stuff is attacking the resort beaches in waves of thick, stinky, and nasty, piles, chasing everyone away from the beaches.

The crap is washing up on beaches all over the Caribbean.

The President won't send the requested $21million dollars the governor has requested, maybe because a large portion of federal money sent last season was stolen by state officials.

Poor Cancun, people are canceling reservations and the fishing industry is suffering.

It is not predicted to happen here.

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