Daily News Blasts

April 29, 2019 Edition

Never A Good Sign

Ominous lack smoke wafted over the Los Cabos sky, coming from the wrecking yard at Mesa Colorada, which caught on fire last week.

The fire was attended to by the volunteer fire fighters, the Army, (Seriously? They put out fires and not just start them?) Also helping out were some water truckers and some volunteers.

So. We've got some old junked cars that have been tossed away. And we pour our drinking water from our water trucks on them. We might have let them burn, but that's just us.


It's Official: Foreigners are Chopped Liver

Every year at Easter time the federal agency Cofepris tests 1,600 samples of water from 269 beaches to make sure those beaches are safe enough for the Mexicans who will be swarming their beaches for the holiday. Of course you, our precious foreign reader, have been swimming in those waters all year round and nobody seems too worried about our health...

Moving on, all the beaches in our state passed the standard of 200 enterococci per 100 ml.

The most polluted beaches in the country are two in Acapulco, one in Puerto Vallarta, one in Oaxaca, and some that you've never heard of, so why worry about them?

The worst in our state is Playa Gran Baja in La Paz, south of town, outside of the La Posada resort and the old Grand Baja hotel, away from the beaches that get washed by open water and even that was only 27 NMP / 100 ml. Not something we would bathe in, but good enough for a foreigner.


Pedestrian Bridge Going Up

They're finally working on the promised overhead pedestrian bridge in San Jose a couple hundred yards south of the traffic circle. Ched Wowie, the new grocery store, is paying for it. No, that's not how it's spelled but at least now you know how to pronounce it.

The good news is there will be an elevator and a ramp at each end, and Ched Wowie will be financially responsible for keeping the elevator going up and down. The bad news is Ched Wowie is promising to service those up and downers only every three years. The worse news is the grocery store folks are already soliciting sponsors to kick in some bucks for this every three year maintenance.

Let's just hope they clean the inevitable trash out of the elevator more than every three years.

Because the whole shebang is a prefabricated metal infrastructure built over on the mainland, our officials are promising it will be ready three months from now. Tick tock, tick tock.

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