Daily News Blasts

November 11, 2019 Edition

UBER and DIDI Banned in our State

A year after state governor Carlos Mendoza sent his proposition to update the Transport Law and include regulation for accepting the UBER, DIDI and similar apps to operate to congress, the state congress said no.

After four attempts to read the proposition – and several protests by taxis and buses as well as UBER drivers and concerned citizens, the law was not even read before voting it, with 11 against Mendoza’s proposition and 10 in favor.

UBER published articles in local news stating that they are working in obtaining legal protection from high courts and continue to operate.


Volunteer with Los Cabos Humane Society

There are several ways to help: 1. Walking Dogs. Show up at the Los Cabos Humane Society HQ, located half a block from the La Roca motel on the road to Todos Santos. Monday through Saturdays between 8:00-10:00 am. Wear sneakers. You may only walk one dog at a time.

Other Volunteer Activities: Join the LCHS team and help with fundraising, events and projects for improving their shelter. Volunteers are also welcome to come and take photos and videos of the adoptable animals. Please send an email to hsloscabos@gmail.com or stop by for a visit!


Tax Alert!

Southern Baja state Governor Carlos Mendoza announced that a new tax of about $18.50 that would be charged for tourists that spend over 24 hours down here. This will not affect cruise ship passengers. The tax went into effect Saturday, November 9 and “will form the Sustainability Fund with which public security, healthcare, education, housing, employment, sports, culture, agriculture, fishing and tourism and social infrastructure will be strengthened,” Mendoza said on Twitter. Collection booths were to be deployed at the San Jose and Cabo San Lucas airport terminals, but at press time it was not clear how the tourists will be told to pay. The San Jose international airport’s immigration service is already understaffed to handle the thousands of visitors that arrive each day.


Are You a Writer or a Writer Wannabe?

The Los Cabos Writers Club meets every Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 5 p.m. All writers, experienced or those new writers needing some motivation are invited to attend. Meetings are held in the Marina Sol condominiums Palapa in Cabo San Lucas next to the Puerto Paraíso mall. For more info call 624-108-2095.


Bisbee Los Cabos Offshore Tournament Awards $1,274,150 in Prizes, Jackpots. By Gary Graham.

A monumental $1,274,150 was distributed to the winning teams at the annual Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament Awards Dinner on Sunday, October 19. 

The big winner during the annual tournament was angler Jarrod Smith, aboard the sportfisher,  “Predator,” whose combined prize and jackpot winnings totaled $444,825.

A 371-pound black marlin boated by Nando Silvestri, Cabo San Lucas aboard the “Reel & Deal,” Newport Beach, Calif., was worth $213,360.  The international team had members from Baja Sur, California, and Texas. The largest fish of the tournament was a 468-pound black marlin landed by Aristeo Gutierrez Gonzalez, Los Cabos, aboard the sportfisher, “Marlini.”  The massive billfish won the team $90,365.

“Some 120 teams consisting of 480 anglers plus boat captains and crews participated in the two-day tournament at the confluence of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean,” said event director Wayne Bisbee. 

There were 192 fish caught or released, including 10 dorado, but no qualifiers; 95 striped marlin, 61 blue marlin, 10 black marlin, 3 sailfish and a spearfish.

More than 2,400 pounds of fish were donated by the teams to “Feeding Los Cabos Kids,” whose staff and volunteers cleaned and delivered the fish that provided an estimated 7,557 meals for the kids and their families.


Denny's is Coming to La Paz!

It will be built on a lot between the abandoned Gran Baja Hotel and La Posada hotel, along with a Hamptons Inn hotel. The new development is part of a project by Grupo Questro, the developers of Puerto Los Cabos and the San Jose marina. Denny’s operates over 1,600 restaurants in the United States (including Puerto Rico and Guam), Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Japan, Honduras, New Zealand, Qatar, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Curaçao, and the United Kingdom.

Do you hate Denny’s coffee as well?


Do you want soy with that burger?

A recent study published by the Mexican consumer agency (PROFECO) reported that some of the frozen patties found in the local stores include up to 28 percent soy protein and some don’t even tell you, in fact, they could only find two brands that were made with 100 percent beef, those were SuKarne and Marketside.

The study also found most of the ones that advertise in their packaging that they are using a specific cut of meat like sirloin or skirt steak, to make their beef patties were not able to demonstrate it to PROFECO authorities.

From 35 brands tested, 13 were deemed to be misleading for not disclosing soy and other ingredients in their packaging. Most of the others also use soy, but it was labeled correctly in their packaging. SuKarne officials and employees are celebrating!


Dogs contraceptive around the corner.

Sheila Pena, a Ph. D. student from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), is running an experiment with a natural drug in croquettes, which goal es to sterilize them non-invasively. Mexico tops the list with 23 million canines that are abandoned or lost. Statistics say that the figures increase by 20 percent each year. Sheila developed and patented a method of birth control that is non-invasive and has no negative effects on the breeds. It is a common practice in Mexico go gift kids with puppies with many of them ending up abandoned when the owners realize it is difficult and sometimes expensive to keep a puppy.

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