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New U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Pisses Off Mexicans

And doubles the number of Twitter followers.

Ambassador Christopher Landau, who was appointed new U.S. ambassador to Mexico in early August, criticized Mexican icon artist and painter Frida Kahlo in a Tweet during a visit to her former home – now a museum. While he admired her “free and bohemian spirit,” adding that “she rightly became an icon of Mexico around the whole world,” he screwed it by adding, “What I do not understand is her obvious passion for Marxism / Leninism / Stalinism. Didn’t she know about the horrors committed in the name of that ideology?” in Spanish.

Just hours before Landau complained that he only had barely 40,000 followers. The number increased to almost 80,000 after his infamous Tweet, but he was severely slammed by his new followers for criticizing Kahlo.


Fish With a Drone is the New Fad

The Grand Velas resort in Los Cabos is now offering a new activity, Drone Fishing.

Guided by an instructor, guests can bait their line and then send it off with a DJI Phantom Drone to drop far away from where the eager fish are waiting. Snook, snapper, shark and roosterfish are all found nearby.

The experience takes place between 6 and 8 a.m. and will set you back $650 for two people, but hey, it comes accompanied by a gourmet breakfast picnic with a luxury setup up on the beach. For additional information on Grand Velas Los Cabos, please call 1-888-407-4869 or visit http://loscabos.grandvelas.com.


New 200 Peso Bill Arrives this Month

The green, familiar 200 peso bill portraying poet and nun Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz will be replaced slowly as of this month, announced the Bank of Mexico. 

Mexican independence icons Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos will replace Sor Juana. The reverse will feature images of the El Pinacate and the Altar Desert Reserve in Sonora.

Local Cops Get Trained in the U.S.

Karla Rodriguez, director of our state’s Central Command Control (known as C4 for its long name in Spanish) and Perla Verdugo, head of the state’s agency that evaluates old, new and aspiring cops, spent several days in Washington, Indiana and Boston. The purpose of their trip was to learn how the U.S. handles police vigilance, public order and judiciary processes. The training sessions are part of the U.S. – Mexico Exchange to professionalize the police and its emergency communications centers.

Did our cops have to learn English to attend? Nope, the trainers are bilingual.


La Paz Boardwalk Gets Electric Bikes

Mayor Ruben Muñoz and API marinas director Jose Lopez announced the deployment of 120 Vetelia Made in Mexico electric bicycles along the La Paz Malecon this year. There will be 26 stations where users will be able to pick-up and return the bikes, using an App that will be disclosed at a later date, as well as rental prices. Stay tuned and Let’s ride!


To Protect … and Not

Mexico supported 55 countries to protect Mako sharks at the United Nations’ International convention on commercial fishing and hunting of wild fauna held in Geneva, Switzerland last week.

Mexican officials didn’t disclose that last July, our country approved over 1,500 local fishermen in rural areas to capture and fin Mako sharks up to 3 tons per month. This type of fishing has been a tradition in Southern Baja since 1940. Contrary to other countries where the sharks are finned and tossed away still alive, in Southern Baja their meat is dried and sold as machaca and eaten in tacos.

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