Daily News Blasts

It’s Blackout Season!

Monday and Tuesday of this week, most of Southern Baja suffered 2 to 3 blackouts in the evening, mostly in heavily populated areas. Downtown Cabo and San Jose didn’t experience them, nor did the various resorts along our gorgeous beaches.

The next day, the National Energy Control Center (CENACE) declared a state of emergency and said that these were scheduled blackouts and would continue throughout the summer. The reason behind this is the high and continuous growth of Los Cabos’ population, the high temperatures (the mid-80s to 90s) and the excessive use of air conditioners during the hot summer weeks. The thermoelectrical plants that supply us with electricity don't have enough capacity to deal with this increase in demand. Buy some candles.


New Desalination Plant Approved

Southern Baja's governor Carlos Mendoza announced with great fanfare that after 4 years of begging to the federal government for funding to build a second desal plant for Cabo San Lucas, the dough has finally been approved.

With an investment of nearly $6 million, the new plant will produce an additional 66 gallons per second for Cabo San Lucas neighborhoods. But don't hold your breath. The city government has yet to launch a bidding process (in October-November), then pick a winner, which most probably will be the same Spain-based company that operates with many deficiencies the existing desal plant. And why not hire a U.S.-based company? Because the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 prevents bribery of foreign officials. Get it?


Jazz Festival Returns to Cabo

This November 7 through November 11, the Life Luxe Jazz festival will take place at the spectacular Omnia Beach Club inside the Vidanta resort (formerly Mayan Palace), with a lineup that includes our very own local favorite Jazz couple, Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez. International bands and players include Incognito, Pieces of a Dream, Average White Band, Gerard Albright, Roy Ayers, Alex Bugnon and ten more. The festival pairs our luxury resort destination with luxury accommodations, fine cuisine, top-shelf libations, breathtaking golf, health and wellness options. Hotel packages can be obtained at the Viceroy, Vidanta, Cabo Azul & Barcelo resorts. For information look up: https://lifeluxejazz.com/home/

See you there!


Number of International Tourists Visiting Mexico Down

A 2.5 percent decline in the number of passengers flying into Mexico on foreign airlines throughout the first half of the year was reported by Mexico’s Civil Aviation Agency (DGAC). The disbandment of the Tourism Promotion Council and consequent lack of international tourism marketing and insecurity in Central Mexico are the main reasons cited for the decline in international visitors. Our Southern Baja state is back on the safe destinations list, as homicides are down 92 percent from 2017. So this is where you should be, you will be welcome and safe.


U.S. Senate Approves New Ambassador

To Mexico, that is. Christopher Landau is the newly appointed ambassador to Mexico, filling a post that has been vacant for 15 months. Landau, 55, will now take office at the embassy in Mexico City, which has been without a chief since the resignation of Roberta Jacobson in May 2018.

Landau, who has no experience in diplomacy, was born in Spain and spent parts of his childhood in Latin America when his father, George Landau, was an ambassador to Paraguay, Chile and Venezuela. He speaks Spanish and French and has a certificate in Latin American studies from Harvard.  As a young lawyer, he clerked for Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas before moving to private practice.


Thousands of Baby Fish Released

Earth Ocean Farms, an aquaculture company, released 40,000 young totoaba into the ocean in Bahia Concepcion near Loreto, declaring the fish would never become extinct. Director Pablo Konietzko told us that with the release of the juvenile fish, which were grown in a laboratory in La Paz, the survival of the species is “guaranteed.”

“I can guarantee that the totoaba will never go extinct, because we can grow them in captivity, unlike the vaquita marina,” he said. “That makes us very happy, it’s a contribution to aquaculture and the preservation of species.”

So far 110,000 totoaba have been released to date. The species has been endangered for several decades because of overfishing. The fish is prized for its swim bladder, which is considered a delicacy in certain parts of Asia and can fetch prices of around $250 USD a pound in Mexico and $5,000 USD on the international market.


Poverty in Southern Baja Going Down

A report released by Mexico's Institute of Statistics (INEGI) revealed that our Southern Baja state was the 6th state that reduced poverty the most in the past two years. Extreme poverty was also reduced by 4.1 percent. The total of inhabitants that saw their way of life economically improved reached a staggering 23,900, considering that our state's population is of only 800,000 people.

We are also among the top 7 states with the highest economic growth, as in the first quarter of this year our GDP went up 2.9 percent.


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