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March 18, 2019 Edition

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A Shocker From AMLO President Lopez Obrador, (AMLO), announced on his visit to La Paz he is definitively killing the proposed gold mine in the Sierras up behind us beach dwellers in Southern Baja. The fight is over, his is the final word.

Although every ecological group has been fighting it for years, it was thought that since a close adviser to the President bought it from the Canadians who gave up on ever getting permits, that they would get them. The main concern by those opposed was the need for large amounts of scarce water.

The Salinas group that bought it gambled 13 million dollars on their political connections securing the permits. Seems that’s not going to happen on President AMLO’s watch. Things are different now.

We can all take credit for this as he said with his announcement: “We have to take care of the environment because people are living off tourism”.

Blame It On The Pope

Good Catholics must abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all the Fridays of Lent. Lent is the 40 days leading up to the Thursday before Easter, April 18. Don’t mess this up, Easter is on April 21, April 18 is Maundy Thursday. The night of the last supper, it means, oh never mind, didn’t you learn anything in Sunday school?

Moving on. There are so many obedient Catholic tourists visiting us from the mainland to go to the beaches, and do other pious stuff, that the local fish mongers have already jacked up the price of fish just for them. And for us. For instance, red snapper went from just over $2 a lb. to nearly $3 a lb.

So, hang in there, as soon as the holiday is over, so will the Big Fish Rip Off be over.

How Embarrassing Is This?

The President of the Republic, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, came to visit us, mainly to take his bows for money he's planning on mailing to us.

About 3500 people showed up to see him, but first our governor, Carlos Mendoza, was to give a speech.

He was kept from speaking by 20 solid minutes of booing, finally giving up and slinking off. The Big Boo was from The Workers and Employees Committee of Mexico, consisting of mainly bus drivers, truck drivers, and taxi drivers.

The President then took the stage and the hostilities ended. Well, they should, the President announced he was sending us money for a new desal plant.

But the story gets even better: Turns out many of the 3500 booers were bused in from cities as far away as Loreto. They were paid about $15 US and given a sandwich and a cold drink, paid for by the Morena party, the President's party. It's called plumping up the crowd.

Better still: The booed Governor is a member of an opposing party.

Better, better: The fact that our mayor is from the President's party didn't hurt our chances at the free handout. No! Not the sandwich and the cold drink, the desal plant! Pay attention!

Down, Incoming!

The city of La Paz believes 200 homes and condos are rented by the single night by individual owners. But even that amount seems a bridge too far for them and they're getting chintzy with those people. There are three government officials with nothing to do but cruise the internet for rentals advertised there, and then slap commercial water rates on them instead of letting them pay residential rates. Commercial rate is about three times the residential rate.

Or they could invest that time and money into detecting and fixing the estimated 30% of the water lost to leaks and illegal taps.

We're Rolling in Dough

The President of the Republic visited us last week and left behind $30 million dollars.

He said, it's part of his My México Urban Improvement Program, which seeks to rescue the barrios of 15 cities, especially tourist destinations such as Los Cabos, Acapulco, Vallarta, and Bahía de Banderas.

He said, "The government no longer wants offensive contrasts between paradise zones with luxuries and access to dreamy beaches, and on the other hand marginalized neighborhoods, where the employees who give those services live without basic services, insecurity and shortages."

The money will be invested in drainage, paving, urban equipment, parks, tap water, and home improvement. Well, he didn't precisely leave the check, but he did say it's in the mail.

Does That Even Happen?

The Advisory Council of the Area of Protection of Flora and Fauna (APFF), would like to announce that they have located more than 500 tires in the waters of our bay, 8 cars, numerous PVC pipes and assorted refrigerators and stoves.

Most of this bric-a-brac was washed down from arroyos during Odile in 2014 and Lidia in 2017.

So: Do not toss crap into the dry river beds. Those river beds do their jobs and become flooded and then everything is wooshed into the sea. Some of the cars that are under our bay were new. (Remember how Lydia took out the Chevy dealership and brand new cars were caught in trees? Those were the lucky cars.)

Much of this stuff is already reefs for marine life, but some sea critters eat the little stuff, like plastic, and get a tummy ache and worse. It's not good politics to leave junk in the desert but it's better than tossing it into the arroyos.