Could You Pass a Mexican Citizenship Test?

Unless you’re a history buff, you can whistle Dixie before you ever become a Mexican

So you want to become a Mexican? Really? OK, we’ll go along with that. We'll even give you a study aid. There are several exams you'll need to pass, but here is the first step, 100 multiple choice questions.

Buena suerte. That’s "good luck," and if you didn’t know that you’re going to need a lot more than luck.


1. Which deity of ancient Mexico is known as the feathered serpent?

a) Coatlicue

b) Huizilopochtli

c) Quetzalcoatl

d) Tlaloc

2. Which culture developed the city of Palenque?

a) Maya

b) Mexica

c) Olmecas

d) Tolteca

3. The giant heads of Mexico are creations of which culture?

a) Mexica

b) Mixteca

c) Olmeca

d) Tolteca

4. What is the name of the land built above the lakes of the Valley of Mexico that are the base of the productive systems in the central highlands? You can find them in Xochimilco.

a) Chinampa

b) Encomienda

c) Ejido

d) Hacienda

5. What name is given to manuscripts written on amate, or leather paper, with a pictorial representation of the history of Mexico?

a) Jeroglifico

b) Pictogram

c) Libro

d) Codice

6. Where can you find the pyramids of the sun and the moon?

a) Palenque

b) Chichen Itza

c) Teotihuacan

d) Uxmal

7. Where was the mythical place that the Mexicans migrated from?

a) Autlan

b) Tula

c) Mictlan

d) Tenochtitlan

8. What was the most important food source for Mesoamericans?

a) Potato

b) Wheat

c) Rice

d) Corn

9. Chichen Itza was a powerful city belonging to which people?

a) Tolteca

b) Maya

c) Totonaca

d) Olmeca

10. What year did the Spanish conquere Mexico-Tenochtitlan?

a) 1521

b) 1555

c) 1650

d) 1689

11. What was Mexico known as during the colonial period?

a) Mexico

b) New Spain

c) Tenochtitlan

d) New Granada

12. What was the name of the conquistador who defeated Mexico?

a) Hernan Cortes

b) Francisco Pizarro

c) Panfilo de Narvaez

d) Cristobal Colon

13. What was the name of the last emperor of the Mexica people who was tortured by the Spanish conquistadors by burning his feet?

a) Moctezuma

b) Cuauhtemoc

c) Cuitlahuac

d) Tizoc

14. Who was “La Malinche?”

a) An indigenous woman who served as an interpreter to Cortes

b) A heroine who fought for independence

c) A famous healer from Oaxaca

d) The first woman to hold a federal deputation

15. What was the name of the battle where the Spanish lost men, horses, and cannons in 1520 that made Cortes cry when he arrived at the edge of the lake?

a) The Road of Tacuba

b) The Rout of Atizapan

c) The Night of Sadness

d) The Slaughter of Cholula


Answers: 1.C, 2.A, 3.C, 4.A, 5.D, 6.C, 7.A, 8.D, 9.B, 10.A, 11.B, 12.A, 13.B, 14.A, 15.C ,