Colorado State Opens Campus in Todos Santos

Classes available for locals as well as visitors from the Colorado home campus

The new CSU center in Todos Santos includes four buildings for dorms, a veterinary lab, and classrooms. Colorado State University has inaugurated a research, academic and outreach center in Todos Santos, a so called pueblo magico about 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. CSU President Dr. Tony Frank, along with some CSU faculty and staff hosted the celebration of the university’s first international education center.

 The center will provide teaching and research experiences for CSU students, as well as for students from Mexican universities and local residents. “We’re creating something entirely new: an international center that will allow the people of this community and our Colorado State community to mutually engage in meaningful education and research while also fostering lasting connections across cultures,” Frank said.

Academic and research programs are still being developed, but are expected to focus on veterinary medicine, water, agriculture, wildlife ecology and environmental and social sustainability. CSU professors Kate Huyvaert and Paul Doherty conducted a three-credit field course in the Todos Santos area last January. “Baja California Sur is home to unique wildlife and ecosystems that offer a great opportunity to develop courses that challenge students’ image and experience of the natural world,” Huyvaert said.

The land and buildings for the campus were donated to CSU by Mira, a dvision of the Black Creek Group, which is a Denver-based real estate investment firm that is building a very large master planned community called Tres Santos, at Punta Lobos, a long stretch of oceanfront property located between Pescadero and Todos Santos. Punta Lobos is the location where fishermen from Pescadero and Todos Santos have launched their fishing pangas every morning for more than a century.

The development is expected to have hotels, private homes, shops, a town farm, restaurants, and a recreational path that provides public access to the beach. MIRA Companies President Javier Barrios calls the new community a “seaside village,” that in his vision will bring positive change and opportunities. “We think of it as an ‘open footprint’ with a controlled and sustainable approach to growth,” Barrios said. “The Punta Lobos project will add organization, and a culture of structured growth to the entire Todos Santos region.”

Barrios said the local fishermen will continue to operate on the Punta Lobos beach, and that the company plans to build a simple fish cleaning facility there. “Some fishermen are beginning to offer tourist fishing charters and whale watching tours,” says Barrios. “We think that having more people in the immediate area will draw business to them.”

The Todos Santos CSU campus will not offer full degrees, but will provide courses available to all members of the community. Classes will be taught in Spanish and English. The university invites feedback from locals about the types of programs in which they are interested. To submit your ideas, email CSU: For more information about the CSU Todos Santos facility, visit   ,