Christmas In The Colonias


On Tuesday, November 12, the first volunteer meeting was held to benefit The Christmas in the Colonias effort. The meeting was on the Ocean at the Cascadas Restaurant, which is located in Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas.

The Christmas in the Colonias Effort is dedicated to gathering toys and food donations for the Mexican children and their families who are in need. This annual event occurs each year on Christmas Day. The goal each year is to give a memorable Christmas to the local kids and their families!

Christmas in Colonias.jpg

Fortunately, approximately 50 volunteers attended the meeting since there are a lot of details to plan and prepare for this charity event. Responsibilities were assigned to each attendee and questions were answered by the committees. The Steering Committee suggested a list of toys to purchase and a list of food items for the food bags that will be distributed.

This year the event will be assisted by the Cabo Fire Department. The Fire Department crew will be present on Christmas Day with their fire trucks. The volunteers wear a Santa hat or reindeer horns on Christmas Day while the toys and food items are given to the children.

The Leader of this charity is Donna Timmons and the Co-Leader is Sherrie Miller. Lina Zutz is the Food Committee Leader and the Coordinator is Christa Maurer.

If you wish to attend future meetings before Christmas, volunteer on Christmas day or donate toys or food to this cause you may contact Sherrie Miller at