Childrens’ Program Teaches How To Fish

For fun and maybe even for future career

Every Sunday local panga captain Lorenzo Bello goes out to the cannery beach that’s favored by locals, and teaches the kids there how to fish.

fishingpoor.jpgIt all started when the owners of the Alpine company out of British Columbia visited Cabo and bought a timeshare. After that they were committed to coming down every year, and they soon got to know Captain Lorenzo Bello, who was down on his luck at that time, with no job and no boat. They bought him a panga for his own use and asked nothing in return other than he teach local children to fish and maybe to learn a little English. This was all done through the Cabo English church, which already gives much to the community.

Some other sponsors include the Rotary, the marina, and the CaboRey sunset cruise boat.

Every fall Captain Lorenzo organizes a fishing derby for the kids, which raises awareness of the program as well as money to buy fishing equipment. Oh, and the derby is as fun as a barrel of fish for the kids.