Calendar Of Performing Events

May 13, 2019 Edition

Every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Garden of the Arts. More than forty local artists show and sell their works, including paintings, sculptures, photography and engravings. Open area. Spanish with some English. Mijares Main Plaza in downtown San Jose. More info on Facebook: Jardin del Arte Los Cabos.

Every Tuesday. 8:00 p.m. Documentary Movie Club. A different documentary every week. In the original language with Spanish subtitles. Free. Alfredo Green Cultural House Downtown San Jose.

Every Wednesday. 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Los Cabos Writers Group. Marina Sol clubhouse. Cabo. Writers, poets, or dreamers. Adriana 624 108 2095

Every Wednesday. 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. Art Day. Art, paintings, books, live music. Spanish and English. El Merkado at Koral Center, next to the H+ Hospital. Kilometer 24.5 on the four-lane to San Jose.

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. Art Fair. Food sampling and wine tasting at the restaurants and shops in the mall. Live music and local artists showcasing their work. Plaza el Pescador across from Cabo Azul resort in the hotel zone. San Jose.

Every Saturday. 6:00 p.m. Hermanita de Ysabela Reading lounge. At Cultural Pavilion’s Cinema lobby. Cabo San Lucas downtown next to the marina.

Every Sunday. Vagabond Movie Club presents a different artsy movie in the original languages with Spanish subtitles. Free. More info: 624-156-8522. Casa Roots. Corner of Mayas and Cuitlahuac in the 4th of Marzo neighborhood, Cabo San Lucas. (Only for adventurous people.)

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. On permanent display. Man, Nature and Culture. A permanent photography show of cultural identity of Baja California Sur. Video also. Text is in English and Spanish. Free. CÓDEX Península salon at The Centro Cultural La Paz. The old city hall on 16 de September at the corner of Belisario Dominguez, across from the Sears store. Downtown La Paz.

Monday and Wednesday 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Short Film Script Work Shop. For 13 to 18 years old. Spanish. 300 pesos/month. Hierro St. corner with Cobre St., El Dorado neighbor, La Paz. Tel: 612 128 1612.

Monday to Friday. Different hours. La Circo Arts Workshop. Salsa dance: Mondays and Tuesdays. Bachata dance: Thursdays. Flexibility and hand standing: Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rhythm Gymnastics: Fridays. Spanish. 612 119 9503 / 624 182 1614. Ángela Ceseña St. El Rosarito, San José.

Every Thursday 5:00 p.m. Art Walk, at the Art Galleries district in Downtown San Jose. Art, paintings, photography, sculpture, live music and more form national and internationally recognized artists. San Jose.

Monday to Saturday. Different hours. Arts, crafts, and other cultural workshops at San Jose’s Cultural House. Ballet, Polynesian dance, folk dance, singing, painting, literature, theater, guitar, and 624 146 9836 in office hours. Spanish. Alvaro Obregon St. Downtown San Jose.

Wednesday to Monday. From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Ruta de Plata Museum at El Triunfo. Discover the rich mining history and settlement of the Cape Region. Enjoy exciting, interactive exhibits. Explore the complex, the gift shop, places to wine and dine, and the historic village. Spanish and English. 100 pesos entrance fee. Info:, Ayuntamiento St. (Progreso and Márquez de León St), El Triunfo. Closed on Tuesday.

Every Thursday. 8:00 p.m. Vagabond Movie Club. The original movie club is back at the Cultural Pavilion, the gray building at the marina. Downtown San Lucas.

Every other Friday. 8:30 p.m. Vagabond Movie Club. Various movies in their original languages with Spanish subtitles. Short films and art videos before the movie. Free. Playa Migriño St. up from Miguel A. Herrera St. Turn right 2 blocks before the gas station (Pueblo Bonito Sunset area). San Lucas.

Every Friday starting at 5:00 pm. Art evening at Amelia Wilkes plaza (Cabo San Lucas main park). Paintings, sculpture, Jazz and more. At Amelia Wikes Plaza (where the bandstand is) Downtown San Lucas. Spanish with some help in English. Free.

May 13. Monday. 5:00 pm.  Musicanto por el dia de las Madres (Singing and Music for Mother’s Day). Music and Choirs concert. Concerts Hall La Paz. Spanish. Free. More info Phone 612 122 2286.

May 14.Tuesday. 11:00 am. Cabaret del Doctor Misterio (Dr. Mystery’s Cabaret). Play for kids. Dr. Mystery is a loony scientific, poet and loves to enjoy solving mysteries.  Spanish. Free. City Theater. Downtown La Paz. More info Ph: 612 125 0207

May 16. Thursday. 8:00 pm. Cinema Vagabundo movie club. Yo no soy Guapo (I Am Not Handsome). (2018) Documentary. Directed by Joyce García, tugs the viewers close into the culture of Mexico City’s sonidero parties, a world that is equal parts gritty, lively, and unrestrained. DJ’s blast cumbia in primarily urban, working-class neighborhoods, giving attendees a chance to find escape and communion amid the heavily percussive music. Spanish sometimes with English subtitles. Cultural Pavilion -the big gray building- at the Marina Cabo San Lucas. Free.

May 16. Thursday. 7:30 pm. Los Cabos movie club presents The Color of Paradise. (Iran, 1999) Drama, Art House & International. Directed by Majid Majidi. The story of Mohammed, a blind Iranian boy and his father, Hashem, who is always oscillating between accepting his son as he is abandoning him, as he represents a burden for him, after the loss of his wife. Original language with Spanish subtitles. Free. Main auditorium COBACH School, Matamoros St and Mijares St. Downtown Cabo San Lucas. Free

May 16. Thursday. 7:00 pm.  Piano Concert. By Jose Sandoval. Classic Mexican music played by Jose Sandoval Gutierrez. Pianist. Concert Hall La Paz. Downtown La Paz. Tickets $100 pesos.
May 17. Friday. From 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm. 1st Alternative Music Festival. Music by Lariferpol, Dynamic Range Proyect, Alter Vio-Luciano Pavan, Walksider and more bands, tickets VIP$500 pesos (3 drinks included), general $250 pesos. The Roof Food & Wine. Marina Cabo San Lucas.

May 17. Friday. 6:00 pm.  Una Mirada de Mujer Sobre el Mineral  El Bolero (A Woman’s Point of View About The El Bolero Mine). Mario Manuel Cuevas and Juan Manuel Romero Book presentation. The book is about Helene Escalle’s letters from 1886 to 1889. The Miner’s Museum of Santa Rosalia. In Santa Rosalia, Mulege. (Museo del Minero de Santa Rosalía) 6:00 pm. More info Ph: (615) 152 29 99. Spanish with some help in English. Free.

May 17 and 18. Friday and Saturday. Musa de la Danza (Dance Muse). Spanish. Tickets 75 pesos (about 4 bucks). City Theater. Downtown La Paz. More info Ph: 612 125 0207

May 23. Thursday. 8:00 pm. Cinema Vagabundo movie club. Cannabis in Uruguay. (2015) Documentary. Directed by Federika Odriozola. On June 19, 2012, Uruguay’s President José Mujica called on Uruguayans to take thirty days to reflect on the value of life and peaceful coexistence. This message was accompanied by fifteen measures "for life and coexistence", within which one took a leading role generating national controversy and international repercussion. Uruguay intended to regulate the production and trade of marijuana with State control. Spanish with some English subtitles. Cultural Pavilion -the big gray building- at the Marina Cabo San Lucas. Free.

May 23. Thursday- 7:30 pm. Los Cabos movie club presents Barán (Iran 2001). Art House & International. In a building site in present-day Tehran, Lateef, a 17-year-old Turkish worker is irresistibly drawn to Rahmat, a young Afghan worker. The revelation of Rahmat's secret changes both their lives. Original language with Spanish subtitles. Free. Main auditorium COBACH School, Matamoros St and Mijares St. Downtown Cabo San Lucas. Free.

May 25. Saturday. 5.00 p.m. Jam Battles. Freestyle Battles. Show by Doble Z, No Justice, Luis Díaz and Mexican Demons (Break Dance). IMSS Cultural open-air center, Paseo Álvaro Obregón y Colegio Militar, La Paz.

May 26. Sunday. From 4 to 10 pm. Trifest. Urban culture festival with skate tournament and freestyle battles, this time with mural painting show. Cuauhtémoc Park. Mutualismo St., downtown La Paz. Spanish. Free.

May 30. Thursday. 8:00 pm. Cinema Vagabundo movie club. Another Day of Life. (2018) Animation, Art House & International. A movie based on the book written by legendary Polish war correspondent Ryszard Kapuściński. The story of a journalist, left to himself to write a feature story on the civil war in Angola on the advent of its regaining independence in 1975. Kapuściński, an idealist who had been to many front lines before, Angola was to change him forever. He was to get closer to the realities of war; he was to discover that journalistic reporting was far too limiting for him; he could dispatch his reports to the editor's office by telex, yet his enormous imagination and internal voice are ill-fitted to this message-limiting machine. English with Spanish subtitles. Cultural Pavilion -the big gray building- at the Marina Cabo San Lucas. Free.

May 30. Thurdsay. 7:30 pm. Los Cabos movie club presents. The Syrian Bride. (Israel 2004) Comedy, Drama, Art House & International. In Majdal Shams, the largest Druze village in the Golan Heights of the Israeli-Syrian border, the Druze bride Mona is engaged to get married with Tallel, a television comedian that works in the Revolution Studios in Damascus, Syria. They have never met each other because of the occupation of the area by Israel since 1967; when Mona moves to Syria, she will lose her undefined nationality and will never be allowed to return home. Original language with Spanish subtitles. Free. Main auditorium COBACH School, Matamoros St and Mijares St. Downtown Cabo San Lucas. Free.

Jun 6. Thursday. 7:30 pm. Los Cabos movie club presents. Los Otros Californios (The Other Californians) Mexican documentary about the people who live on this side of the Peninsula. Presented by the director César Talamantes. Q&A session. Spanish with some help in English. Main auditorium COBACH School, Matamoros St and Mijares St. Downtown Cabo San Lucas. Free.

June 14. Flute Concert on Friday at 7 p.m. Playing Works from Vivaldi, Mozart, Debussy, Saint- Saëns, Briccialdi, Tchaikovsky by Emmanuel Agundez Encarnacion, Flute; Fernanda del Peón Pacheco. Piano and Aureos Ensemble.  Spanish with some help in English. Free. Centro Municipal de las Artes. La Paz. 

Jun 22. Saturday. Afternoon and night. World’s Music Day 2019. Organized by  Promotora Cultural Vivarte AC. This music festival is celebrating their 11th anniversary in Cabo and the Summer Solstice in San Jose. The festival began in France as La Fete de la Musique in 1982 and was adopted in every continent. Now it is celebrated in more than 120 countries and 700 cities as an International Festival with musicians, composers and new talent. The stages will be visible around downtown San Jose. Spanish and some help in English. Free. 

Compiled by Karina Urquizo. If you would like to see your event listed here, email her at