Caboholics: A Party Of More Than 12,000 Cabo Enthusiasts

And they all know how to party

The Caboholics social group was officially founded on October 3, 2010 by Johnny and Maddie Corona; years after they made their first visit to Los Cabos during the early to mid-1990's, That date is a little fuzzy to them.

 "We got really involved with what was going on in Cabo during the 2009 swine flu scare, and the negative publicity Mexico was receiving at the time, '' said Maddie, originally from San Antonio, Texas. ''There were so many people who were afraid to come down here, that we decided to start a group, to help spread the word that things weren't as scary as they heard on the news. So we started the website, which took us six months to create. After that, it became, The Caboholics, once we obtained the trademark; and the website was changed to'' It is now a social group which has 12,560 members in the Caboholics support group on Facebook, a number that has grown from the original 30 - 40 people that flew down here and met for that first time in February 2011. The Caboholics from 2011 raised $483 US dollars for local charities. ''Everyone had a great time, kicking back and relaxing, and we all agreed that Cabo was something special.''

The subsequent Caboholics reunions grew every year, and in 2015, the group raised $11,000 towards Los Cabos charities. The current list of charitable organizations on the Caboholics fundraising radar is the Senior Center, ''Casa de Los Abuelitos,'' The Humane Society of Los Cabos, Los Bomberos de Los Cabos (Firefighters), the Sea Turtle Conservation and the Feeding Los Cabos Kids. "Johnny was joking around about his addiction to Cabo, and that's really where it all started,'' noted Maddie of her husband. ''We also personally drive into the colonias (neighborhoods) and do our best to help those less fortunate with whatever they need.''

The annual Caboholics group activities include snorkeling tours, booze cruises and ocean catamaran outing along with a trip to La Paz for a visit to Espiritu Santo Island. On there are 13,000 members. Their motto proudly states, ''We are Caboholics! Caboholism is a serious condition and until rehab is covered by health insurance, we'll do our best to get back to Cabo for that next fix. If you're not sure, but think you might be a Caboholic check out description and symptoms here. "What is a Caboholic?". If you are experiencing even a few, symptoms, you might already be a Caboholic.''

''This site was created not only for Caboholics, but also for the many businesses that have welcomed us and helped make our visits so much more enjoyable,'' said Maddie Corona. ''We give businesses an affordable option to have an online presence where they can offer Caboholic discounts and promotions. More importantly, we give them the best type of advertising money can't buy - word of mouth! We are constantly sharing with each other all the hidden treasures we've found and the wonderful experiences we've had while visiting the smaller, off the beaten path type of places.''

''Sure, we all come down to relax, party, eat, drink, be merry, get crazy, and have an unforgettable time just like most typical tourists and visitors. The difference is this: for the countless memories of good feelings and great times that we take from this great place, we give back, states the Caboholics website homepage. A Caboholics requirement, asks its members to help the less fortunate people of Cabo which includes the children, the elderly, the homeless the animals, and the volunteer fire department.

And in regard to the Caboholics fun, businesses have a loteria Mexican bingo game cards somewhere posted on-site at their bar or restaurant. Caboholics members scratch off the images on their Caboholics Loteria game card to see if they’ve won something.

When the Caboholics have their annual convention in February, this next one during the second week of the month from Saturday, February 9 until the following week of Saturday, the 16th, they are pretty easy to spot since there's so many of them. ''Only a true Caboholic can understand the feeling you get when you arrive at the airport in San Jose del Cabo,'' said Johnny Corona, decades before leaving Los Cabos forever. Born Johnie R. Haney, Johnny Corona passed away on February 4th, 2017 in Salem, Oregon surrounded by family and friends at the age of 63. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 18, 1953.

After graduating from high school in Michigan, Johnie relocated to Oregon, where he owned and operated Haney Hardwoods for many years until his retirement in 2012. He was a master of his trade and highly respected in the lumber industry. In 1998, Johnie married Maddie and the newlyweds traveled to Cabo, of course. Upon his retirement, Johnie and Maddie realized their dream and moved to Cabo. It was in Cabo that he became known as Johnny Corona. At his funeral, in lieu of flowers, the family respectfully requested donations be made to Johnie's favorite charity, El Ranchito orphanage ( in San Jose. Johnny Corona's world wide locally famous straw hat is on display at the Caboholics Store and Activity Center, located next to Cabo Cantina on the main drag.