Cabo Senior Center Gets Help

But they could always use more

Robbie Zolezzi likes to go by Robbie Z. This is so much his persona that he is having a heart attack over our insistence in printing his full name. Therefore, we’re never going to mention it again. There, it’s done.

robbie.jpgRobbie Z is a good hearted man who seems to turn up all over Cabo wherever help is needed. We first became aware of Z‘s work with the Humane Society where he pitches in at the shelter, helping with the dirty work in addition to using his skills to raise money for the critter chow and supplies.

But he also helps with the old folks at the Senior Center. He and his team raise money to buy supplies the seniors can’t afford. And now it’s time for a Costco food run again. Robbie Z plans to go shopping because the center is almost completely out of food.  The cool thing is now that they have three new refrigerators, they can buy fresher and healthier food for the seniors. By the time you see this in print, it will be too late to tag along on this major shop, although he likes is when people do. But they always need funds for it. His last run he bought enough food for 150 seniors for almost 45 days and the cost was about $1800 U.S.

Recently the Center had donated 200 to 300 shirts, sweatshirts and hats. Z tells us Paulina Smith Jimenez made that big donation.  Most for these items will be sold in their little on-site retail store, with 100% of the proceeds helping to pay for much needed items at the Center.

In the past three months the team has built a website for the Center at and they have begun forming a small group of individuals that can sit on a board of directors to help insure the ongoing success of the Center. If you can help at any capacity, speak up at the website.

The Senior Center Club De Abuelos San Miguel is a registered non-profit charity and operates with no government aid or funding. You can reach Robbie at You can give at