Cabo Marina Gets A Facelift

10.JPGThese guys are part of a 25-man team working on the Cabo marina renovations. They were out pouring concrete in front of Aqua Salada and Sancho’s recently, as they worked their way down from in front of Solomon’s. They work under the hot sun from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for a whopping $25 USD a day. All of the workers have been living in Cabo for a while, coming from the mainland back when the construction boom was first beginning.

The concrete they were pouring, alternating sections of gray and orange, is replacing the old cobblestone, which was porous, held dirt, and was unattractive. 

API, the holding company that manages the Cabo marina, says the new floor project is going to cost half a million bucks. They also said the expected completion date was December 15, but, surprise, surprise, they’re behind schedule. Part of the problem was this section right here; workers had to tear up and then re-pour some of the concrete when they realized they had forgotten to install some electrical cables under it. Oops.

It can’t be finished too soon for the merchants, as first it was several long days of rat-a-tat-tat as the old stuff was torn up, then days of being cut off as the new cement was drying.