Bruce Herman Local Internationally Known Photographer


Bruce Herman is an internationally-known photographer who has been working and living in Los Cabos for the past 15 years.

Herman first came to Cabo as a young surfer in the 70s, returning often over the years to shoot photographs and play.

As a fashion photographer working out of Paris and Los Angeles, he came many times to produce catalogs and magazine spreads on Los Cabos' beautiful beaches.

In the mid-’90s, Herman made a powerful decision to move to Cabo. He quickly became involved as a destination photographer in the growing Mexico tourism industry. His photos of Los Cabos and Mexico have appeared in travel magazines, guide books, and other publications throughout the world. His work appears all over Los Cabos, promoting tourism, real estate, and the timeshare industry.

Three books of his work on Los Cabos have been published and he has won the prestigious Lente de Plata (Silver Lens) award two times for his contributions to Mexico tourism. Once presented by former President Ernesto Zedillo and more recently by President Vicente Fox.

Herman has an obsession with Mexico. In between assignments and commercial projects all over Mexico he has shot tens of thousands of photos. From white egrets on the lakes of Catamaco, to “Day of the Dead” candlelight all-night vigils in the cemeteries of Michoacan. Textures, colors, shapes, and symbols, always trying to capture what he realizes to be the unknown and unknowable soul of a deep Mexicanism.

His journey is richly rewarding though sometimes painful, doubtful as to whether he is closer to achieving the goal. But what goal? At some point in his career, he learned to focus on the work and let the results take care of themselves. He found that “creativity would often happen during productivity” so he just gets to work! Many of his images have stories and if you view his work at any of his showings, he may burn your ear with the story, which most likely will be very interesting! He hopes that some of the viewers find in his images “what is important is what was taken.”

In response to a long and windy question by an enthusiastic interviewer about the psychological content in photographs, the great Mexican photographer Alvarez Bravo simply replied, “What is important is what was taken.”

Herman participates in the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk. The Art Walk is a very enjoyable event and takes place in downtown San Jose del Cabo in the Gallery District. It is celebrated every Thursday night from November to June. The Art Walk hours are from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Studios and galleries near Álvaro Obregón Street keep their doors open throughout the event hours. 

The establishments and Art Displays invite you to taste free snacks and drinks while hidden between the narrow streets that converge in the main square of San José del Cabo. You will find a prosperous and sophisticated setting where good food and art are the main ingredients.

In the daylight, it will be easy to find live music. The streets are flooded with tourists, inhabitants and artists that all give great energy to the festive atmosphere in the street. A great variety of paintings, sculptures, works in chaquira made by the Huichol ethnic group, pieces of amber and handicrafts from the area, are offered and will tempt you to take home a beautiful local artistic piece. In the same area, there are also sophisticated restaurants with extensive wine lists and select tequilas. 

Visit Herman one Thursday evening at the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk and enjoy all the festivities. Herman displays his work at the Saturday Organic Market and The Casa Bonita Home Decor Furniture Store in El tule also.

To view Herman's gallery go to You may purchase prints online at the site too. Herman's contact information is 624-143-4793,