Bra Burners Against Turtle Huggers

Tough one to call

Mama turtles are beginning to arrive on the Pacific coast of Mexico, and so are the turtle egg thieves who believe eating the eggs raw will cure their sexual problems. Turtle eggs have been called the poor man’s Viagra.

Since the beginning of this season’s turtle arrivals, known as arribadas, more than 10,000 stolen turtle eggs have been seized by authorities in several states south of here, along the sea coast of the mainland.

turtleEggs.jpg20,000 turtles are expected to arrive in Morro Ayuta this week, to deposit as many as 100 eggs each in nests in the sand. That’s 2 million eggs, and they’re easy picking for anyone who wants to make a few pesos. Easing picking, that is, if you can get past police and army patrols that are common on Oaxaca beaches at this time of year, part of a national effort to safeguard the protected sea turtles. Here in Los Cabos hotel security guards have been trained to safeguard turtle eggs that have been laid in front of their hotel.

But very often thieves are able to get past the patrols. There are, after all, thousands of kilometers of beaches. The police know where to look for them, and routine inspections of buses have been known to turn up sacks of turtle eggs in the cargo bays, which is what happened last week when state police arrested a 43 year old woman whose checked baggage contained some 2,000  turtle eggs she was transporting to market.

In another effort at stopping this poaching, a conservation group hired a sexy model, took off most of her clothes, and filmed her saying her man doesn’t need to eat turtle eggs, and she doesn’t feel it’s a sexy thing to do. But women’s rights groups protested the use of scantily clad ladies, saying it objectified women and they didn’t care how good a cause this is, there is no excuse to use women  in that way.

The turtle huggers have fought back against the bra burners, saying, “Why can Pepsi-Cola use a woman in short shorts and a little top, sweating in the desert, but we can’t use a woman for a good cause? If we use a picture of a turtle, who’s going to look?”

Well, what do you think, precious readers, did you look at the bimbo or the turtle?