Bob Bisbee Memorial

October 22 at 3:30 there will be a memorial service for Bob Bisbee who founded the Bisbee fishing tournaments.

It will be at sea, and there will be two vessels taking people out. They will both depart from the dock in front of Baja Cantina on the boats owned by Cabo Wild, The Cabo Escape boat is the one for the public, the other, (the Baja Cantina) for family and VIPs

3:30 pm The Baja Cantina boat will carry the Bisbee family, they will board in front of the Baja Cantina restaurant, coordinated by Wayne Bisbee.

bisbeebob.pngBoats participating in the current year tournaments will be invited to follow along.

Both Cabo Wild boats will follow will go to the designated area for the memorial ceremony and the scattering of Bob Bisbee’s ashes in the sea.

This ceremony will be preceded by all the boats forming a Circle of Life, with all the Bisbee closest family in the center of it, Wayne Bisbee will say a eulogy, then somebody will say a farewell in Spanish, then Silence or the melody of Wayne Bisbee’s choosing will accompany the dropping of flower wreaths.

After this is done, the circle of life is broken and the Baja Cantina Boat leads a little parade to go from the Arch, then back to the marina, but detouring to pass in front of Pueblo Bonito Blanco and Rose. On Medano Beach.

5:00 pm, the Cabo Escape boat will return to the IGY fuel dock to offload people from the boats, the Baja Cantina boat, will offload in front of the Baja Cantina restaurant.