Baja Food and Wine Festival

Shake a leg, it's this week


This May 17th, 18th and 19th, Gastrovino, a food and wine festival, returns for its eighth season with plenty of surprises to inspire and delight the Baja food and wine community. For those who are unfamiliar with the festival, Gastrovino celebrates Mexican wines and local cuisine via pairings, dinners, tours, and more. It’s also an important charity event, having raised over $15,000 USD last year.

Gastrovino’s founder, Perla Garnica, has presided over the festival for eight consecutive years. “I’m particularly excited to see how much it’s growing,” says Garnica enthusiastically. “Every year the number of attendees grows, we raise more from the silent auction, and we are able to make an even bigger impact on how we give back to the community.”

Garnica, along with the creative director and art photographer Kate Turning, along with their devoted team of volunteers, have dreamed up an interesting theme for this year,  Circus of the Senses.

As in previous years, the festival will take place in Todos Santos.


Although the event was originally designed to bring recognition to the 150-year tradition of winemaking in northern Baja, it has evolved into a multi-dimensional celebration. For those who haven’t been to the festival in prior years, expect the town to buzz with activity for the entire weekend as winemakers, chefs, artists, and musicians from throughout the peninsula join together to share their gifts. The venerable carnival that takes over the town each year is precisely what inspired this year’s theme.

“In a way, it feels like the circus is coming,” explains Kate Turning. “All of these amazingly gifted people come together in such a unique and special way. It’s not just about eating and drinking; there are artists, musicians and dancers who have become an integral part of the event. Last year, we had a number of chefs actually cooking on site, in the plaza. There were incredible aromas wafting through the entire town.