Ask a Mexican

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) gave Los Cabos its stamp of approval for the hygiene and sanitary measures the popular tourist destination has adopted due to the coronavirus pandemic. What do you think will happen? Are you excited or do you think we need to stay quarantined a little longer?

Rodrigo Azueta, 36, entrepreneur.

I feel like it’s not true. Cancun was “awarded” the same, and it could be an effort to try to restart the economy, but I am not sure we are ready. Of course, it will be great for hotels and restaurants and even businesses like mine, but we have to think about the people who work and the risk they will be put under. They are the ones who will go home and possibly live with elders or children, who will end up in trouble. And being the working class, it will push them to enter the public health system, which will eventually collapse. What we really need is help from our president, to give us a way to help our workers with all the taxes we pay.


Gloria Estela, 54, cook.

I am so ready for this to end and we can get back to work! It will never be the same but I have heard in the news this virus will not go away and we cannot hold on any longer. As long as we all follow safety protocols and do our best effort, we will be just fine. I also hope we can have safety protocols at the airport, just to keep us safer, not only in Los Cabos but also in the cities where the tourists will come from. I think it was a good idea overall.


Manuel Fregoso, 29, waiter.

We have to open up this town one way or another and I think this is a good idea. Tourists always believe in those certifications and will soon start to fill our town with joy, laughter and, hopefully, their money. What I believe also is that we should all get better medical care as workers, just in case something happens, and hopefully our income will not go down because of the safe distance which will mean less tables, less crowds, less tips.


Liliana Rodriguez, 42, accountant.

I do not think we should open back up just yet. I know and fully understand that we are all struggling, but the smart thing to do is to hold off until the second wave passes. The date keeps on changing. If we open too quickly, we will crumble the health system and that won't be good for anyone! We need to get creative to find ways to keep our income and our destination safe.


Cristobal Armenta, 42, driver.

Of course, I am excited and ready to work fully! We need to start making money. This will never go away. The only thing that will change is there will be a vaccine and we will get it every year like the H1N1 and that’s it. It’s a good opportunity for us to be better, cleaner, and more mindful about what we do. Keeping Cabo from crowds will be tough, though. I cannot imagine parties here with people taking their distance, and I think it will be a little hard for everyone to adjust.


Daniel Canseco, 38, fisherman.

I am so happy and so excited this will happen for us now. I think we are not ready but we are out of options. It’s the responsibility of all of us to take care of each other and ourselves. We cannot stay at home forever and crime will go up if we do. People are hungry and desperate. We just need a new way of doing things.   ,