Ask a Mexican

The pandemic was expected to end on June 1; however, the date varies from one state to the other in Mexico, and Los Cabos will not have that deadline. Some experts are predicting it won't be until October when our destination can start on the “new normal”. We asked Mexicans, what do you think? What do you think the new normal will be?

Jose Flores, 34, fisherman.

So many people believe it’s not real, it is becoming ridiculous, as if the deaths could be a lie, or people getting sick was a joke. The biggest issue I see now is that we don’t have a proper hospital in San Jose and all the sick people are sent to La Paz. I think there will be no new normal, we will try to go back to the way things were. I wish I could get back to work, but I would rather hold out a little longer and make this process faster than be stupid.


Irma Gastelum, 53, housewife.

I think we are all very confused because the authorities are not clear or have contradicting information all the time. I am lucky I don't need to go out to work, but my husband does and things are looking really tough for us, his salary was cut in half. It's only a matter of going back to work, take bigger precautions and do things right so we can all avoid poverty. I think the new normal will be masks, sanitizer, gloves and safe distance. Forever.


Magali Costa, 37, musician.

I am desperate and out of work, my savings are thin and I am not considered poor, but I can’t afford food like I used to. I think we are a tourist destination and need reactivation sooner than other states, we depend on it. I would be happy to carry any health measures, but everyone has to, to make it work. I know life will never be the same, and that’s fine. But the people who are asymptomatic are the most dangerous because if they don’t know they carry it, how will they take precautions?


Nora Arellano, 42, office manager.

The citizens have to listen to what authorities say, and those who don’t follow the rules should be sanctioned, unfortunately, it’s the only way we know. We need solutions, fast, we can’t all stay at home and do nothing, we have to pay bills and eat. I cannot imagine a new normal, I don’t understand how life will work after this.


Javier Serret, 24, store clerk.

This is all a lie, there is no virus and we are being played like sheep. This is the new-world orders' doing and we are being kept because they will take over the world. I have a job, and I have to wear a mask by my boss’ orders but I am not in agreement. This is only sinking us in the economy and we don’t need a new normal, we need to go back to how things were.


Guillermo Lopez, 34, unemployed.

I got fired because of this and have not been able to pay rent, so I will probably also get evicted. This is no joke, and I understand all the risks and consequences, but the government is not helping any of us! In other countries, rents have been banned, and food is being delivered for those in need. I can’t get a new job, no one is hiring and I have no idea what I will do. New normal is hard to think about, but it will most likely affect the service industry the most.