Ask a Mexican

This week we asked: How are you celebrating Independence Day? And do you feel more or less patriotic this year compared to last year?


Jose García,

26, construction worker

I am going out with my friends, grilling some meat, drinking lots of beer and screaming at the top of my lungs “F*UCK YOU, (President) PEÑA NIETO!!” There’s no way I can feel patriotic, same as I didn’t feel it last year. I haven’t felt patriotic since I was a kid, when I didn’t realize how bad our country was politically.


Eduardo Quintanilla,

20, student

I can’t do much because my parents hate Independence Day. They say there’s nothing to be proud about; we are free from the Spaniards but are not independent in any way. I will try to go to a small town fair where the good street food is sold, and then go out with my friends. I don’t feel patriotic. I never have, not like Americans who even wear their flag on their underwear.


Benjamin Rubio, 30, electrician

My family gathers at my grandma’s house because she makes the best pozole ever, and we drink and have a good time together. We always watch the televised Independence Day event and often talk about how Mexico is getting worse and worse. Some of my uncles get into little fights about politics, but it’s nothing major. Me and my cousins usually talk about other stuff. Politics are very tiring and boring, and there’s not much we can do except get angry.


Fernando Amezcua,

58, store clerk

I am going to do what I do every weekend, work. And I get to deal with all the drunk people who want to buy more alcohol after hours, who took Independence Day as an excuse to over drink. I think that is the main problem, we have lost focus. Mexicans only wait for Independence Day to get drunk, instead of reflecting on what this date really means and what is going on in our country, and how we can change it or make it better. I am sure that if everyone did their part, we would have a better place to live in and government wouldn’t be able to do all the bad stuff they do. I do feel patriotic, but sad.


Jesenia Romero,

30, receptionist

I am going to go to a traditional horse show in the small town where I’m from. We all take our horses on the street, and then in the town square the oldest people in the families gather around. We all bring food and a big party happens. It’s very fun, and I get to see all the people I grew up with. No one gets too drunk, as the elders must be respected, so no nonsense happens and there’s no cars, so no accidents either. I do not really feel patriotic, but I don’t feel the opposite either. I guess I sort of don’t really care.


Dolores Portillo,

42, secretary

In recent years I don’t do much, as my kids are getting older and they think it’s lame to go to their aunt’s houses. They get bored. I think I might go to my husband’s family house and have dinner, and go home. I think the government event is now all show, so I don’t watch it anymore.