Ask a Mexican

September is a very patriotic month across the country, how do you celebrate? What exactly do you celebrate and why? Do you have any favorite foods during the month?

Jaime Lopez, 68, mechanic.

As a Mexican who loves their country, I have nothing to celebrate this year, but I still know and understand the festivities on September 15. It’s the day we commemorate that we became independent from Spain and a country of our own. I feel like we are not dependent on Spain anymore, but we are not independent either. I am sorry for the president we have because he has no idea how to bring our country the greatness we deserve. My wife is always in charge of the food, and she does a wonderful job making pozole and tostadas, but that’s pretty much all I look forward to. We used to go together downtown to the “grito” celebration, but I feel like I don’t like crowds anymore.


Mariana Higuera, 31, entrepreneur.

I love September! It is definitely my favorite month of the year, very close to Christmas. My family has a ranch in a remote area, we all try hard to take time over the weekend to go and spend two days together enjoying food made by my dad’s side of the family. We buy some fireworks and light them with the kids and sing around the fire pit at night. I know it is independence weekend, but we have not celebrated it “properly” since a long time ago because there are so many children in our family and we can’t all go to the town festivities. My favorite food is sopes, always.


Marisa Rodriguez, 41, secretary.

I love independence weekend, I know we have not had a good time as a country lately, but we are still far better than we were in the 1800s. I love going to the town fair and eating tacos dorados, pambazos, tostadas and pozole. It's always great to remember the people you live freely for, and in the independence celebration, the highest authority gives a speech that says “viva Mexico” along with the heroes of our Mexico. I also love gathering with my family and watching (the national celebration) on TV, although it might not happen this year, as my family is not very fond of our current president. 


Julia Baez, 42, secretary.

In my family, we work on the independence festivity, because my mom makes a really good pozole she only sells on special occasions. There's always people at our house, but we are working and talking and enjoying each other. I know it is Independence Day but I don’t remember all of the history, just the main bits. My favorite food is everything but pozole, since I am so used to eating it all the time! I still enjoy it, but sometimes tacos or tostadas really hit the spot.


Daniel Chavez, 22, student.

My family is quite old now, so we don’t really go anywhere to celebrate. I mainly spend that weekend with my friends and their family, and food is usually a big deal on that day. My favorite food is tacos dorados and enchiladas, and there are so many kinds, I usually try to taste all of them when I can. I know what the celebration is about, but I am not a huge fan of going to the town square and all the people. It’s just that some men think the main idea is to drink and be loud, and it is a little annoying. Besides that, I think it’s one of the best festivities in our country.


Edson Juarez, 19, student.

September means the kickoff for the greatest food in our culture. It's independence, then dia de Muertos, then Christmas. I can’t pick a favorite food but my grandmother makes delicious chiles en nogada. I have read in many places that the flavor is sophisticated and whatnot, and it’s probably a nice way to put chiles en nogada, but they just taste like home. A good chile en nogada is not easy to make, and not everyone has the patience. My grandmother begins making them as soon as the first of September comes, she takes her time. I think that is what makes them so delicious. I don’t like any grito celebrations, just gathering with my family and eating.