Ask a Mexican

There is no national dish in Mexico, although many people say it’s Mole, it’s too hard to pick a representative of the whole country, there are hundreds. Mexican cuisine was named “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO in 2016. What do you think it should be? What is your favourite? and Why?


Paulina Lopez, 21, consultant.

There are so many! I have to say Chile Relleno is my favorite Mexican dish. It's not one of those pretty looking meals, but it is absolutely delicious. A mild chile, stuffed with cheese, battered, fried and topped with a delightful, slightly spicy tomato-based sauce. Pozole, tacos, enchiladas are all good too, but I can never resist ordering the Chile Relleno when I see it on the menu. They don't always have them, not that they're hard to get, but I will say they are not the easiest thing in the world to make at home (which is why I don't make them all that often).

Raul Pedraza, 37, gym instructor.

I don’t have any one favorite Mexican food because there are so many great dishes that I enjoy eating. One of my favorite dishes is cócteles de mariscos, seafood cocktails that are a meal. They use super-fresh shrimp, oysters, octopus, and other seafood tossed in a sauce of chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, chiles, garlic, and lemon juice and add a sliced avocado to the mixture. My mouth is watering! They are also great because they are not as caloric as other foods.

Irma Rodriguez, 32, assistant.

My most favorite Mexican food of all time is refried beans. But made from scratch, with love and patience. It also helps when they’re the right kind, I prefer the lighter-colored, called Peruvian, but they are Mexican. Just refried with oil and with a single chile to give it a taste, not onions but some garlic too. I also love tres leches cake and flan for dessert. I also love tortas.

Julieta Zacarias, 36, investigator.

Chiles en nogada. This one is only served in certain months of the year (because of the seasonal ingredients). The recipe was created in Puebla by some nuns (according to some historians). They were ordered to create and serve an outstanding dinner for the future emperor of México. Agustin de Iturbide (1822). You will only be able to find this dish from mid-august until the early days of October. Besides the seasonal ingredients, this plate celebrates Mexico’s independence. That’s another reason for the colors on the plate. It represents the colors of the Mexican flag. Green (chile). White (walnut or pecan sauce). Red (pomegranate seeds). The flavor is indescribable, but it’s also my favorite because when it was the right season, my whole family gathered in the kitchen to make them.

5. Jaime Nuñez, 52, teacher.

Mole is the best Mexican dish you can have (at least for me). Made the old fashion way, as they make it in Puebla. The original recipe needs at least 18 to 20 ingredients. Keep in mind that you'll find a wide variety of the same mole. There´s plenty of versions of the same recipe. Red, green, with peanuts, spicier, and so on.

Luis Herrera, 72, retired.

Pozole is a soup/stew made usually with pork or chicken. The distinguishing ingredient is hominy, that is, corn that has been subjected to treatment with lye. Pozole can come in red, green, and white forms, the color is determined by the use or non-use of dried chilis (usually mild Pasilla chiles), or green herbs. Traditional accompaniments are shredded lettuce, sliced radish, cilantro, onions and lime.