Ask a Mexican

Corona just did an amazing thing for the planet with a very smart marketing campaign. For World Oceans Day, Corona partnered up with Parlay for the Oceans in an initiative to help the environment. At specific locations around the coasts of Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Colombia, recycling stations were set up where three PET bottles were equal to a cerveza in limited-edition packaging. Also, for every six pack, a square meter of shoreline was cleaned. La Paz is in Corona’s list to be cleaned,


Aranza Gutierrez, 27, house worker.

I think it’s a good initiative from an international company, but I do not understand how it is going to work for them. I can already see people lining up with their garbage to get free beer, and it's good, but it will only be temporary. I hope the machines are placed evenly through the country and not only around the coastline because plastic is wasted everywhere.


Daniel Chaverri, 21, student.

I think it’s very cool and modern, too bad its such a bad beer. Maybe our government can realize how good it could be if they had a similar program, and start mimicking that for other types of waste, like cigarette butts. We do not have a recycling culture here, and it’s a shame for everyone that a company had to do it for us.


Jaime Noriega, 52, accountant.

I believe it is amazing and hope to find a center soon, we needed something like that to wake up. I hope this could happen more often, and that people will get used to recycling regularly, not to get a free beer. If they are going to clean shorelines, I hope it’s not only the very famous ones but rather the hidden beaches that are so unpopulated that all the garbage is washing up on them. It sounds almost too good to be true, where are they getting the payment for the beer?


Javier Albarran, 63, manager.

I hope it's not all in vain and not only for a short time, maybe not the free beer, but the recycling and cleaning up the beaches part. Mexicans do not understand how important recycling is, not like other countries where bins are everywhere and you can even make money from it. Sure, we have recycling centers in Mexico, but they are not as well paid and modern like in first world countries, and only homeless people gather cans to sell.


Valeria Acuña, 27, secretary.

I can’t wait to see a gathering place so I can try it out! I’m sure there will be a limit per person or something like that, it can not be just free. I can imagine all of my friends looking for bottles in the garbage to get a beer, but now that I think of it, hopefully, whoever picks garbage cans will put the garbage back in there, or it will be self-defeating.


Jazmin Zapata, 36, house worker.

We have been recycling for a long time now, and I think its good that such a big company is doing this, but there will be a lot of drunk people for the same reason, and most of them will be the homeless, just wait. It will be chaotic and we will find a way to cheat the system, like Mexicans always do, maybe someone will recycle all the garbage, keep the beer and resell them or something.