Ask a Mexican

This week we asked: Do you know why spring starts on a certain day at a certain time? Is this from astrology? Astronomy? Witchcraft?


1. Daniel Loarca, 35, carpenter.

Witchcraft? That’s not a thing, I think. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the sun because a “solstice” is what kicks off spring. It’s the same day every year, like Benito Juarez’ birthday, so it makes me want to question the relevancy of the sun, because the earth rotates a little different every year, so not every date is the same? Honestly, I had never thought about it, I am not sure.


2. Yasmin Gonzalez, 34, assistant.­

I believe it shouldn’t fall on the same day because of leap years or something, but it is based on the sun’s rotation. I think it is calculated to when the earth reaches a certain point, that’s why it has to be so specific because one second later, the earth will be at a different degree of rotation.


3. Luis Monraz, 52, manager.

I read the other day, that the day and time is so specific because it is the exact time the sun hits the equator. Now, in Mexico I think we don’t really think about the scientific side to it, we just take the same date as ever, and the schools have a spring parade that is the official mark for many of us, once we see kids dressed as chickens, bunnies and flowers, we know spring has come. Oh, and the long weekend, too.


4. Carmen Fernandez, 61, teacher.

We have a special time and day because of the equinox, because the earth spins in a tilted axis. That is why half of the year the sun hits the north pole, and half of the year it doesn’t, and it also explains why winter days are shorter than summer days. The day of the start of spring we have the same hours of daylight and night time. I believe Mayans had this information too, as they built a pyramid that only on the solstice completes the body of the feathered snake.


5. Javier Marquez, 26, building assistant.

I think it has something to do with the sun as the Aztecs and Mayans had their own definition of the seasons and it wasn’t too far off from what we see today. I think when the Spanish came and saw the tradition, they adapted it to their own beliefs and we got shut down and obligated to follow their model of life.


6. Hilda Baron, 33, secretary.

I know it does have a scientific explanation that I studied in elementary school but I can’t remember, it’s not as important to me as other things. I guess it does have an explanation with the moon too, as the fullest and most beautiful moons are in October and March.