Ask a Mexican

The University of Hidalgo is accused of laundering $156 million through its bank accounts. They deny this. This week we asked: Do you think a university would do such a thing?

Jonatan Ruiz, 21, student. Yucatan.

Of course, they would launder money. If institutions like food banks and hospitals do, what would stop a university to do so? I think its an idiotic state of mind to believe universities are perfect, because they are in charge of education but they are some of the worst organizations out there. There’s a reason why so many student groups are against the administration.


Natalia Ruiz, 22, suden. México City.

That is not the only university to launder money, not after Enrique Pena Nieto was president. My school has been accused since 2012 and nothing happens. We have gone on strike, we have walked out of classes and tried to get the university to answer some questions but they never do. Us as students only fear violence from them, because of what happened to the 43 picketing students and the Tlatelolco killings. I know it’s not the same, but it is just what happened when the authorities were attacked.

Diana Juarez, 19, student. Pachuca.

I don’t think universities need to launder money, because they get government resources. And if they did, we would have better classrooms or libraries, which we don’t. I am not defending anyone, but who would be responsible? The deans or the state if it were a public school? We need to know how to take this information properly as sometimes the people just get angry and chaos starts to rise, and many times there’s nothing we as citizens can do, let alone university students.


Horacio Valdés, 20, student. San Luis Potosi.

Of course, they do, but that is one of the smallest offenses they do, as universities. The worst thing is, they hire teachers because they are in stupid unions, who are rapists and the academies usually know about this but they won’t fire them. And the girls are victimized to the point where they’re too scared to come forward, so thy just stick it out until they graduate and forget the whole thing.


Jaime Garcia, 21, student. Mexico City.

I don’t think universities are the only institutions that launder money, and for that matter there’s far many more institutions that do worse. Of course, the will deny it, it’s not like someone is going to come out and say “yes, I launder money I’m sorry” what do people think? Why don’t people care about more important things, like how many universities are losing their statuses for lack of resources? Or how many of them are losing students because of violence? That is far more important.


Suseth Lisboa, 22, student. Guanajuato.

I can not say I’m surprised but I didn’t know either. I know universities do a lot of bad things, but we don’t punish them because we think they do a certain good in our society by educating people. I think it also depends if the school is public or private.