Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: What do you think about the fact that that so many Mexicans have Americanized Christmas?

1, Daniel Espinoza, 24, waiter.jpg

1, Daniel Espinoza, 24, waiter.

I think it’s natural. Christmas was never really Mexican anyway, the tradition was about the Virgin Guadalupe and I am not sure exactly what happened, but there was nothing about baby Jesus or anything. And the three wise men was more what we did for presents, not Santa Claus. The food is very Mexican, the romeritos and even the pavo (turkey) but we cook it a different way. The posadas are really Mexican and very beautiful, but there are very few people who still do them the traditional way, now posadas are just to get drunk in December.

2. Jaime Rodriguez, 36, constructor.jpg

2. Jaime Rodriguez, 36, constructor.

I don’t think we have Americanized Christmas, I think we have adopted European traditions. For example, Americans do not know the three wise men and do not have many holiday images other than the red and white Santa Clause and reindeer. In Europe, they carry some types of parties that are more similar to our posadas and believe in the three wise men. I do believe globalization and the internet also take a part on this, but we still hold our own traditions.

3. Diana Marquez, 32, office manager.jpg

3. Diana Marquez, 32, office manager.

I think everything is Americanized, not only Christmas. From dia de Muertos and Halloween, to birthday parties and baby showers. I’m not saying its wrong, but we idolize a culture and think of it as better than our own, and we get lost in the process. My favorite part about Christmas is the food, and I don’t like turkey. I am in it for the tamales, romeritos, pozole and pork leg, and the getting together with my family. The kids now believe in Santa and all that stuff and it’s cute to watch them have that illusion, but I am not sure if I will want my kids to believe in that.

4. Mariana Fausto, 40, secretary.jpg

4. Mariana Fausto, 40, secretary.

My favorite time of the year is Christmas, for many reasons but what I like the most is putting out the tree and having a special night with my family eating buñuelos and drinking hot chocolate. Of course, I love decorating my house and if I must be honest, I’d say that I also have Americanized ornaments and there are a couple of snowman, reindeer and Santa in my house. Even though it doesn’t snow here and Santa never brought me gifts as a kid. I don’t think there should be a problem with adopting other traditions, as long as we don’t lose our own.

5. Dalia Ramos, 55, teacher.jpg

5. Dalia Ramos, 55, teacher.

I hate how American Christmas is here now. People don’t even know what posadas are for or why we celebrate them, and kids are always talking about the fat guy in a beard. We as Mexicans should not even celebrate Christmas like we do, its not about food and presents, its about celebrating baby Jesus’ birth. In my grandmother’s house we used to do this thing where everyone has to rock the baby Jesus in a fine silk scarf and sing a special song, and the kids were the ones who did it. It used to be an honor, and now we don’t even do it because no one bothered to carry on that tradition, and the kids think of it as boring and embarrassing.

6. Bianca Herrada, 52, human resource manager.jpg

6. Bianca Herrada, 52, human resource manager.

I think Christmas is a party that should be multicultural anyway. The Aztec sure as hell didn’t celebrate it, but our Spanish side did, in a similar way. The best thing about being Mexican is that we have a mixture of cultures in our blood and for that, we should be grateful and very proud. Of course there are some things that have become a little ridiculous, like Santa Claus, but other than that, we should embrace everything that brings a smile to our faces.