Ask a Mexican

The newly elected mayor promised in her campaign to reduce her salary by 50% but then changed her mind, reducing it by 10%. This week we asked: Does this surprise you? What do you think the extra money should be used for?

Diana Sotelo, 27, stay at home mom. I think it’s what every candidate does when campaigning, they promise things they are not going to do. I think this lady has broken many promises and this one is not surprising. It’s a lot of money that could make a difference in Los Cabos but won’t make a difference in her pocket.  She’s a selfish hypocrite. If I had a choice, I would fix the streets off away from the tourist area, and put pavement on those that are full of holes and dirt.

askamex_8.JPGDiego Urquiza, 36, accountant. I knew she had many crazy promises that she just said to win the campaign, but this is the cherry on the cake. She could use that money to improve the schools we have because education is much more important than new shoes. Or maybe we could use that money for garbage collection since there are some places where the truck hasn’t come in weeks, and it’s rain season, that garbage is going to end up in the ocean.

Gabriel Rivera, 42, reporter. She had to say whatever her team told her to. I think she does need the same salary as the mayors before her, it’s only fair. The government can lower other people’s salaries to have extra money, not hers. She deserves it. If there was an extra little bit of money, I say we should use it to upgrade public transportation, it is one of the things we need the most here.

Paty Gomez, 36, secretary. What if people just left her alone and focused on themselves we would be better off. She is one of the few women strong and brave enough to assume a position like she did. So, she didn’t give up some money that was rightfully hers, would any of us really do that? I don’t think we should be so quick to judge, but if there was some money to spend in a different way, I think it should be towards programs for the youth, so they grow up in a healthier way and stay away from drugs.

Sonia Marquez, 30, waitress. That lady has been saying lie after lie, and that is not even one of the worst ones. I think as a woman it is very offensive how she is doing things, because she is confirming the fact that women don’t do well in politics. She should keep her promise and reduce her pay, and use the money to help women in need or help women with small businesses. I think she could win back a lot of the credibility she has lost.

Dalia Quiroz, 36, manager. She should be forced to keep her promises, not only this one. We as the people have the power to make her do as we wish, that is why we live in a democracy. Imagine if we had all of that money to make Cabo a decent place to live for the locals, not only the tourist section, or if we had better health care, or streets, or some kind of program to train our workforce better, so we can have better jobs.